Review for The Warrior in My Wardrobe

Review for The Warrior in My Wardrobe

The Warrior in My Wardrobe (The Misadventures of Merdyn the Wild #2) by Simon Farnaby, Claire Powell, Orange, Magic, Fantasy, Humour, Children's Book, Family, brother, sister, guinea pigThe second book in the series and this time we have big strong warriors, a kidnapping, magic, time travel, sibling rivalry, and more!

Despite loving the first book quite a lot, when I learned of the second book I just wasn’t sure if I wanted to buy it. I mean, book 1 was good and felt like one book. But hey, if one of my libraries is added the book to their collection (in English gasp) how can I resist it?

In this one we are back to Rose, Kriss, and their mom. The kids now can do magic, but are they helping each other out? Oh no. Kriss uses his magic for fun things, going to concerts or impressing his friends. Whereas Rose uses her powers to help out people and animals. And then there is the whole fact that Rose feels like Kriss is doing much better than her and voila one of the plots for the book has appeared. I am not sure how I felt about them constantly bickering or even Rose resorting to stealing something from her brother. I get that you may feel like you aren’t good enough, but no need to take that out on your brother or steal his things. 😐 I am glad that things got resolved and that despite feeling angry/hurt with Kris, Rose went to the past immediately.

Thankfully, a warrior from the past has arrived and accidentally kidnaps Kriss. Yep. Meant to take Rose. But Kriss was in the wrong place in the wrong time. XD And apparently looked girly enough to be seen as a girl. Oops! What follows next is that we get two POVs. We get Kriss or whoever is at the place he is being held in the past. Then we have Rose as she and, YES YES, Merdyn go on adventure to help out Kriss and save the world. I liked both POVs. Yes, Kriss isn’t my favourite guy in the world, but in this one he really shone. Plus, I liked Vanhessa. Well, OK, after Kriss had talked to her a bit. When she learned that YES she had a choice to be good or not (though eating meat doesn’t make one a baddie, thank you very much).

There is ton of adventure and exciting moments happening. But also tons of moments that made me giggle and laugh! I love it when a book can make me feel all the feels.

I loved the little rhymes at the end of the chapters, they made me laugh and they were so original/creative. Plus, the chapter titles were once again very fun to read. I looked forward to them.

And of course, the illustrations. Claire Powell did it again! Her art is just so much fun~

There were a few things I wasn’t a fan of. Rose’s insecurity was one. I can understand she feels insecure/not happy about her powers, but everyone is telling you that you are awesome, listen to them. Just give it another try. Rome wasn’t build in one day and learning how to use light instead of herbs isn’t a POOF done thing either. Then there is the constant bickering between Merdyn’s wolf and Bubbles our guinea pig. It got seriously on my nerves. And that mom changed so many things… I mean, it was a good thing on the one side, but on the other side? It seemed a bit easy and magical + given how Vanhessa got THAT treatment and Eva got away with this? Unsure. Also, I knew who the old hag was that was influencing the Vandals. As soon as Merdyn mentions something.. And I am sorry but the ending, or well that last bit at least, had me rolling my eyes.

But all in all, I am glad that I picked up this book. It was tons of fun. Not as fun as the first book though (4.5 stars while this one is 4) but that is due to what I mentioned in my review up here. But there were still fun parts so that is why it is 4 stars.

Star rating, 4 stars

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