Review for The Zebra’s Great Escape

Review for The Zebra’s Great Escape

The Zebra's Great Escape Katherine Rundell , Sara Ogilvie, Zebra, Animals, Picture Book, Fun, Children's Book, Adventure, Magical, FriendshipA delightful magical book about a girl who meets a zebra (or a zebra meets her) and she gets into a grand adventure.

In this one our brave MC Mink meets a little zebra who is all lost! His parents got stolen away and he hopes that Mink is the one who will help him. Well, he has found the right girl, because Mink is all in on helping him out. I really liked Mink, she was brave, fun, sweet. I loved how they planned things, because of course you cannot just head into like that. You need to know how, what, why, where. You can’t just run around the country willynilly. And I loved what Mink’s plan was and hope that this also means she found a new friend. I loved seeing the message travel all over the country. From mouse to bird to talkative rabbits/bunnies to eventually the place they will find what they are looking for.

Then an adventurous trip happens and I was just all in for it. I loved seeing the countryside fly by as our zebra (or as the dog calls him barcode-horse) rushed to get to his family. Things got very exciting (and maybe a bit scary) when we saw the place that the zebra family was brought to and who the owner was. I have no clue about his English name as I read this book in Dutch, but in Dutch he is called Mr. Spuug (Mr. Spit), which is just a perfect name for this awful horrible bad (and yes I could figure out a few more words for him) man. I loved how Mink stood her ground and loved what followed next. Which I won’t spoil, because haha, no. You will just have to find out. But it was magnificent.

And then the last two pages were just magical and so much fun.

I loved that animals could talk and the way they did it. With pictures and a lot of colours which Sara Ogilvie brilliantly showed. I would love to be able to talk to my hamsters, I tried, believe me, but sadly it seems only to work in books and movies.

But I am a bit tired to see adults get dismissed again. Yes, most adults may not see everything that happens for many reasons (not just phones), but not all of us. I remember reading these kind of things even as a kid and already in the mood of not wanting to grow up… it made me worry, would I really miss out on exciting things when I am older? Thankfully, I didn’t (unless I am really tired) and I wish I could go back to give myself as a kid a big hug and tell her that we still see a lot. And in the case of this book, definitely wouldn’t miss out on that zebra running around. XD

But all in all, despite that minor thing, I am happy that I found this book and that it was oodles of fun. It made me smile, made me laugh. And Sara Ogilvie has done it again with her amazing art/illustrations.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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