Review for There’s a Dog in My Brain!

Review for There’s a Dog in My Brain!

There's a Dog in My Brain! , Caroline Green, Humour, Silly, Dogs, Wishes, Dual POV, Wedding, Yellow, Boy, Dog, Fun FontA hilarious book and that you should be really careful what you wish for! XD

In this book we meet a boy named Danny. He really loves his dog Dudley a lot and doesn’t want to leave him when he has to leave for a wedding with his parents. Instead of just I don’t know, faking being sick, or think of a very good excuse, this boy makes a wish upon a star… but you know what they say… be careful what you wish for, because you may not get what you wished for exactly. And we see that happen. Instead of him staying with Dudley.. he becomes Dudley. He is the dog. And Dudley? Is Danny? Yep. Good luck with that to both sides. Danny because he has to do doggy things (and sniffing butts is all that for dogs… but no to us humans) and Dudley because he cannot do too much doggie things. How this goes? Well, I laughed my butt off. So much. The Danny POVs were my favourite, I was very curious what the neighbour he is now staying with for the weekend was up to. She didn’t seem too evil, but who knows. Plus, something else happens which was exciting! Go Danny!

The neighbour wasn’t my favourite, but I did like finding out why she was acting this way and I can’t say I blame her at points.

I did love that Priya (and also later the parents in varying levels) did believe that the Danny they see may not be Danny. XD That is a very rare occasion, how often I read books with something similar and adults just scoff… too many times, so this was a breath of fresh air.

I have to say that Dudley did get annoying to me. There were plenty of moments I was laughing my butt off at how he acted in Danny’s body, but there were plenty of moments that I just wished the dog didn’t have a POV and we would just focus on Danny and maybe Priya. I get that he is a dog, but seriously… there were points that I was like, boo, dogs are not that dumb.

The illustrations fitted well with the mad/hilarious story.

All in all, I am happy I found this book at the library and I took a chance. It was so fun and I laughed plenty!

Star rating, 3 stars

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