Review for Tickets for 2

Review for Tickets for 2

Tickets for 2 J.M. Grant, Romance, Holidays, Christmas, Hawaii, Dual POV, Kiss, Man, Woman, SnowI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I came across this one (and the second book) on Netgalley and I was instantly curious. I mean, the blurb sounded really adorable and cute and hello Hawaii? During Christmas? That sounds like a freaking dream! Give it!

In this book we meet two characters, Sera and Wilson. The first bit of the book is about Sera as she discovers that her boyfriend is dating her mom and how that makes her feel. Yep. There is more nuance to it, and a bigger shock-factor. I do feel that this part could have written a bit better, I mean, it comes across as a BIG BIG thing, but things are handled and done within a few pages. I would have just liked a bit more? Just a bit more and better closure?
She has to pick a guy for a vacation, she cannot go alone, but she has an idea and I absolutely loved it! It was adorable how Wilson reacted and even though they were talking on the phone I could just feel the sparks. Especially from Wilson, but that is logical, I mean Sera just lost the guy she loved and found out he was a dick.

I loved how it then switched between Sera and Wilson as they went on the trip to Hawaii. I loved that everything was paid for, they just had to have fun and have a good time. That is a dream for me. To just be able to visit an expensive place, a place I would never go to. To just eat and have fun. To explore. That sounds like heaven and I loved seeing the two of them have the best of time together. Getting more and more close to each other. Falling in love, slowly. I was definitely rooting for them, and I also loved seeing that Wilson has been waiting for this moment. We see the little hints. And yes, Sera is oblivious to it all, which was both hilarious and painful.
I loved that part at the ranch. When things went from just a bit to much more, and that set the tone for the remaining pages.

The ending, when they get back from Hawaii, good lord, I just wanted to yeet a chair. Sera, girl. I get it, you just had your heart broken and all that, but how blind are you? And how heartless as well. I just wanted to give Wilson a big hug. I am happy that he found someone to talk to, someone who convinced him to just go for it. That he shouldn’t wait. Still, I can tell you I am a bit done with elements like this in romance. I just want a romance to be all happy, maybe some drama OK, but the near-the-end drama just puts me off from reading romance at times.

I am very very happy with the epilogue though, that was just the cutest!

Well, I cannot wait for the next book and get to read Cassy and Blake’s story! Despite a bit of drama, especially near the end, I did have oodles of fun reading this book and I loved two people finding each other over a fun holiday! Recommended.

Star rating, 4 stars

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