Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 25-12-2022

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 25-12-2022

Ho ho ho! A merry Hi!

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Merry Christmas all and welcome to a new Sunday’s TBR Updates!!

Well, this week was busy but fun! Getting the house 100% ready for Christmas. Baking some yummy food (including bacon x chocolate chip cookies). On Thursday my vacation started (until the 3rd-4th of January), so I had a good day then with reading. Haha, the next day was busy (a quest for chocolate + visit to the vet + getting my hair nice again + library #4), and I was glad when it was evening and I could just sit down. Saturday we went on a new quest for chocolate and had some luck (really, everyone either had a craving or the shops didn’t stock well) + visited Library #4 now just another branch. And today we are going to do some walking + Lego + eating + probably presents + lots of relaxing.
Reading-wise, pretty good week. Haha, especially Thursday. XD Read from my stack, from Netgalley, and books next to my bed. Plus, sadly, also some DNF. 🙁

What did I read last week from my TBR? Race to Mars (so much fun), Maandag (felt a bit TOO much, a bit TOO far), Liefdessafari (love reading about Kenia/Africa + getting a nice dose of romance), Doodmoe (hilarious and interesting), Geronimo Stilton Parel (this one was so so much fun, I loved it), Prettige Vakantie Stilton! (), Magische bieb (), Alle Oekraïners die ik ken (interesting, heartbreaking, but at times it was a bit confusing as it went from now to older conflicts), Raargebeurd (), Dit is onze wereld (GORGEOUS and I learned new things, loved the art), De gulden krijger (fun adventure and loved it was focussed a lot on Jerom).

I tried and dropped (and at least tried a chapter or so)? Beatrijs (sorry, I don’t care that you have a kid with Down, but you don’t call them mongooltjes (not sure if there is an English equivalent), Eindstation (the writing style was all over the place and had to reread parts), De schoen van tien miljoen (first story was OK, but the second, eh), Geronimo Kaaspyramide (LORD, can Geronimo just get a break from his family, his grandpa was a insert mean words), Verliefd op de wereld (I was put off by how this girl didn’t seem to know about climate change and was pressing people to just go on airplanes and the likes, gorgeous photos though).

Here is a new GIGANTIC stack. With my vacation now here and plenty of time between all the fun things I am going to do with hubby, I got a big stack again. I just had to. Got too many books to read. And this time I don’t feel bad about it, haha. I am excited! Not pictured in this stack is You’re the One that I want by Simon James Green, it is slow going (other books are distracting me) but fun book.

Thank you all for reading and I hope everyone has a wonderful day (and also tomorrow for us that celebrate two days) and may it be filled with joy, food, and happiness! Let me know in the comments what you think looks good from the stack + what your plans are! Have a great week as well!

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