What I Hope to Read January 2023

What I Hope to Read January 2023

Hey hey hello!

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Welcome all to the very first What I Hope To Read of 2023!! Eep!! A new year! New books!

December was gone before I knew it. Haha. It wasn’t the easiest month (last year my grandfather + my hammie died in this month + it is also my mom’s birthday on the 20th (she is alive but those who read my tweets/posts know that our relationship is terrible)), but I managed to struggle through it with music, blogging, baking, and dancing. Just not thinking. But there were some good things about the month. Gwen’s medicine is working. There were some cold walks. The weather was freezing and we had snow for a small bit of time. I baked some yummy foods. Decorated the house with all sorts of Christmas things. The dog hunt is still on. I am looking forward to Christmas (but at the same time not, haha). We got some yummy foods and beer ready for the two days.

Reading-wise from last month? I read one book! Haha. Nine Liars is still not out and wasn’t able to get the other books. Oh well, better luck next time. XD

This new month I am quite excited about the books. There are some really fun new books that are coming out both Dutch and English.

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