Winter Wonderland Tag

Winter Wonderland Tag

Afternoon all!!

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Welcome all to a cold and wonderful new tag! Say hi to the Winter Wonderland tag!

I thought it would be fun to do this one. December + winter month = perfection! I hope you all don’t mind that it isn’t really bookish related, but I just cannot resist this one. Nor others that are just so much fun. I had fun finding songs, thinking about what to answer + more. And I am even more in the wintery mood now~ Whoo!

I found this tag over at Books with Bunny! Be sure to read their answers~

1.) What is your favorite winter /fall song?
I will just go for Christmas/Winter then, as I have NO clue about what a fall song would entail?
First up: S3RL: Generic Holiday Song:
Dancing Christmas in the 13th Month (Ragnarok):
Mu’s – Snow Halation:
And I had more, but I kind of lost them when one of the NAS in our home just boop died. *sad* I should have put them all in a Spotify list.. but I forgot.

2.) What is your favorite winter/fall pajamas?
Pusheen sweater, Warm, Cosy, Cute
I don’t really have one pyjama. For winter I just grab what is warm from the stack of pyjama stuff. I don’t really have a set. But my favourite would be one of my fluffy pyjama pants and on top of that either my husband’s big sweater he never wears so haha or my pink pusheen hoodie!

3.) What is your favorite winter/fall item that makes you happy?
My pusheen bobble hat! I would have gone for scarves, but I can live without a scarf, I cannot live without a fluffy hat. Because my ears will start to hurt and then it will go to my head and OW! I tried finding it, but I haven’t found it, only thing I found is that I need more Pusheen beanies/hats in my life. XD

4.) What is your favorite winter/fall thing to do?
Decorate the house (inside/outside) and get it beautiful and cosy for the colder days! And of course, Christmas! I also love to bake specific Christmas/Fall/Winter related foods, like Speculaas/Gingerbread. Wishing for snow is also one of my favourite things to do during the winter season. We don’t often get snow, so from the moment it gets colder I am just wishing so hard that we will get a pretty white layer of snow!

5.) What is your favorite winter/fall drink?

Hot Chocolate, Pink Cup, Marshmallow, Yummy, Drink
Haha, hot chocolate all the way! If it gets colder I need that stuff! And sometimes, when I feel like it (or need it), I add a big dollop of whipped cream on top of my hot chocolate. Or marshmallows. YUM!

6.) What is your favorite winter/fall movie?
I don’t really watch a lot of winter/fall movies.

7.) What changes during your winter/fall routine?
I dress in many more layers. Often two tops/shirts and then a sweater. Tights + pants. More! Plus, I am sleepier because it is colder. I also walk outside less because it is just cold. OK, I can survive that, but my hubby is not a fan of the cold. And I am not going to be walking outside in the dark alone. Nope. Even though it is a safe town, I just don’t want that.

8.) What are you asking for, for Christmas or Hannukah / holidays?
I asked Santa this year for books (hopefully he can find some given how Amazon is), book-related items (found some cute book-sleeves), and baking items (Nordicware is LIFE). Let’s see what Santa brings. Sometimes he also adds something I hadn’t asked for. Like last year when he brought me a tea maker (by Sage) because making tea with just the normal water cooker just made the tea taste strange and I do love tea.


Thank you all for reading! I would tag everyone who wants to do this fun tag! Be sure to give it a shot~ And let me know if you did so, because I would love to see everyone’s answers~ Have a great day everyone!

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