Blog Tour ~ Dog Park by Kathryn Kazoleas ~ Review

Blog Tour ~ Dog Park by Kathryn Kazoleas ~ Review

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A doggy welcome to the Blog Tour for Dog Park by Kathryn Kazoleas!! I am delighted to work with The Children’s Book Review + Kathryn Kazoleas to promote this book + to be able to review it. Thanks!

For today’s post I got a 3.5 starred review + book/author information + a giveaway (you can win a signed copy of both books (Dog Park + Dog Daycare) and two winners can win a signed copy of Dog Park).

Let’s get started~


I received this book from The Children’s Book Review + Kathryn Kazoleas in exchange of an honest review.

So I have been searching endlessly for dogs. Puppers are way too expensive, and I haven’t had any luck so far at the shelter. Last year (and 2021) I tried, but my anxiety was just too much. But this year (and well part of 2022) I searched on for a dog. I hope to find one this year. *crosses fingers* So I have been reading even more books about dogs than I normally did. XD Non-Fiction. Picture Books. Children’s Books. So, when I got the request for this tour? I signed up so fast! I had to read this one!

In this book we meet several dogs and see an exciting adventure!

Gibson took a bit to get used to. I loved her enthusiasm but at times she just was a bit TOO much for me. I get that she is excited about the job. But maybe tamper it a bit down and just follow Meistro for a bit, I get it, he isn’t the fastest or doing the best of jobs, but there is plenty of time for you to change things or do things differently. But later on as the story continued I could see a different Gibson and saw that she was sweet and kind and really wanted to help out. Really wanted to make the dog park better. I really loved how, despite some scary situations, she stayed calm (well, with some help of Stretch) and brought them all home. Helped the little one out. She will really make a great ambassador, bring something fresh in. She has some great ideas~

Stretch was such a fun dog, a bit of a chicken, but then again I don’t blame him. Haha, I would probably also be scared. But I loved that despite this that he did try his best. I loved his friendship with Gibson and that they stuck together. I really liked the puppy and I just wanted to hug her. Poor thing, totally scared, but I loved how despite that she at times found courage or made things more fun.

I loved the dog park and man I wish I could just visit! It sounds like a big place and it even has water and all sorts of other things. I loved reading about the various dogs (so many different kinds) there and see what they were up to. And also see the owners (some who should NOT have gotten a dog, like those with the puppy who kept biting).

And then the adventure starts and I was even more invested in the story. Would our trio get out? Would they find the way home? It was really exciting, especially when we meet a character named Bob.

Maybe me, but I wouldn’t let my dog out of sight too much when I am at a dog park. And if I had a puppy I would be very close to the water and jump in if something went wrong. I wouldn’t just stand there screaming and let two dogs smaller than I am jump in after the puppers. Also I found it odd that there were missing posters (at least I am guessing based on the text that is what they are), how long have they been gone? It felt to me for a few hours (afternoon > early morning) and not days. Also, that there is a dog named Pickles who wants to go by Pixie and Gibson just bluntly keeps forgetting that, I am not sure how I felt about that.

There is one thing I would have absolutely loved to see, illustrations! I think fun illustrations of the dogs would have completed this book!

All in all, I am very happy I read this book and I had fun. I flew through the book and I do want to read the next book in the series~ Recommend for those who love dogs + adventure!

Star rating, 3.5 stars

Dog Park, Kathryn Kazoleas, Children's Books, Dogs, Mystery, Dog Park, Training, BlueAges 6+ | 116 Pages

Publisher: Kathryn Kazoleas | ISBN-13: 9781777426118

Publisher’s Book Summary: Gibson the Labradoodle is about to begin her first day of training to become a dog park ambassador, something she has been dreaming about her entire life. Dog park ambassadors hold a very high honor within the dog park community and have many important roles to make sure the dog park is a fun and safe place to be. She has so many great ideas and cannot wait to get started.

While Gibson is training alongside lead ambassador and trainer, Meistro the bulldog, things don’t go as planned. Gibson meets challenge after challenge and isn’t allowed to introduce any of her new ideas. Being a dog park ambassador isn’t what she thought it would be, so she starts to question whether the role is really for her. At the end of her very first training shift, and just as she’s about to give up and tell Meistro she isn’t cut out to be a dog park ambassador after all, there’s an emergency at the river. One of the dog park’s new puppies, Clover, has swum too far out and cannot get back to shore.

Gibson’s best friend and greatest supporter, Stretch the dachshund, convinces her she must help. Gibson springs into action, with Stretch at her side and encouraging her the entire time. Gibson saves the day…almost! Having been swept downstream and far away from the dog park, Gibson is forced to lead the trio back to safety. There’s only one way back through a dark forest with strange sounds and smells. The sun is starting to go down and everybody is tired and scared. But Gibson knows she has to get her friends back home, despite what or who gets in her way.

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About the author:

Kathryn Kazoleas, Author, Sunflowers, Flowers, Dogs, SunglassesKathryn Kazoleas is a Canadian author. Her furry roommates and copy-editors Keeva the cat, as well as Koa and Freddy the labradoodles, inspire her stories every day. The way they see and experience the world inspires her to dream up and express what she can only describe as fun, chaotic, and innocent adventures. Kathryn has been writing for many, many years, with her most recent work being the middle-grade chapter books “Dog Park” and its sequel “Dog Daycare”. Her short story “Just Be There” can also be found in Chicken Soup for the Soul’s “My Hilarious, Heroic, Human Dog”.

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