Blog Tour ~ Tales From the Otherworlds by various authors ~ spotlight + giveaway

Blog Tour ~ Tales From the Otherworlds by various authors ~ spotlight + giveaway

Afternoon all!

Tales From the Otherworlds, Fantasy, Multiple Author, Blue, Rift, Portal, Dragon, Children's Books

Welcome all to the magical tour for Tales From the Otherworlds by 11 writers ( )! I am so excited to be part of this tour, this book sounds so magical and I would love to read it!

For today’s post I got book/author information + a giveaway!

Let’s get started~

Tales From the Otherworlds, Fantasy, Multiple Author, Blue, Rift, Portal, Dragon, Children's Books11 marvelous stories of mystical portals, magical lands, and mythical creatures.

Journey with children, fae creatures, and gods alike as they navigate the joy of friendship, the struggles of finding identity, and the unclear pathways of strange new worlds.
From bestsellers to rising voices, 11 terrifically talented authors explore the many faces of whimsy and wonder, mischief and misdoings.
The Otherworlds call to the brave, the extraordinary, and the fated. They call to you, adventurer. Will you answer?

The anthology includes:
Will of the Mischief Maker by Antoine Bandele
What happens when a deity needs a human body? They go to the source, of course.
The Queen’s Kitchen by K.R.S. McEntire
When young Joy opens a secret door to her basement, she finds herself in a world she might not be prepared for.
A Trip to Sunma by Jessica Cage
Twelve-year-old Ameer takes an unexpected trip to an alien world and learns that you can make friends in unexpected places.
The Guardian’s Twin by Kish Knight
When strange new friends come around claiming to know her, Kayla joins them and discovers a magical secret about her lost sister.
No Way Out by Ken Kwame
Celine Musa steps into a world where nothing makes sense and where dangerous creatures want to harm her, or worse.
The Green Man Falls by Francesca McMahon
When the creatures of the Otherworld go missing, it is up to Cernunnos, the God of All Wild Things, to seek out answers, that is, until he gets sick.
The Beams of Faelleria by Ryan J. Schroeder
When a middle school science fair contestant finds himself transported to a fairy kingdom, he’ll need science, magic, and a new friend to find his way back home.
King Impulu & The Sky Pearl by Zia Knight
Twelve-year-old Ruby Freeman and her best friend Jabari Lee travel to the Kingdom of Life to recover a magical pearl in order to save her family’s farm.
The Portal to Aril by Brittany Hester
Keke’s powers are the key to bringing justice to her race. There’s only one problem, she has no idea how to be a necromancer.
Fae-Took by Marie McHenry
What’s a girl to do when she finds herself trapped within the fae realm?
Magiks and the Tale of Two Kings by Loup Gajigianis
One wizard, one warrior, and two kings. Will trust win over treachery?

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