Book Haul January 2023

Book Haul January 2023

Hello everyone!

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Welcome to a new Book Haul post! The very first of the year! Here are the books I got in January!

January was a pretty decent month. The first week was a vacation week so lots of relaxing and reading. After that back to normal. Searching for a dog (no success). Waking up early several times as they were working on the streets around my home and didn’t care if they used the heaviest machinery at 7-ish in the morning (and they are still not done, this was just the cleaning up trees and such phase). Baking, I baked some new yummy foods including a cookie that I will just keep on baking forever now. Gardening, yes, I will miss the trees in the streets, but their woodchunks/bits of woods I could use for my garden. So on Thursday I was working for 40 minutes to get as much of that before it was all cleaned away. My house is almost no-Christmas again, just a few Christmassy plants/pieces, I wish I could just all put it back, but my birthday is next week and I always keep that as a deadline for removing the Christmas stuff. And there are some other things, all in all, a good start to 2023.

Reading-wise, a very very good start of the year. Very happy with the books I got to read this month.

I got some GREAT books this month! Mostly English this month. I got 2 ARCs (the books on the bottom) and I won a book (the one on top). Those just got delivered Tuesday/Wednesday so I haven’t gotten to them yet + as for the ARCs I got a schedule, so they will have to wait a bit longer. As for the rest of the books? I am currently reading Winging it (almost done) and then I just got The Thing at Black Hole Lake! Whoo!

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Op de bonnefooi door Frankrijk by Esther Verhoef
The thing at Black Hole Lake by Dashe Roberts
Of Mountains and Motors by Pip Murphy
Soul Lanterns by Shaw Kuzki
Winging It by Anna Jefferson
Dating for Geeks: Apocalypse by Kenny Rubenis
Atlas of Dogs by Kelsey Heaton, Frances Evans
Strays by Janeen Leese-Taylor
Pebbles and the Biggest Number by Joey Benun, Laura Watson

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