Bookish Smash or Pass

Bookish Smash or Pass

Afternoon all!

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Welcome all to a new Book Tag! Say hi to the Bookish Smash or Pass! In February you can also look forward to a Bookish Smash or Pass but now with Book Tropes!

I found this one while blog hopping over at Crooks Books Blog and just HAD to participate. It took a bit long before I had a spot on my blog (I don’t want to keep on shuffling posts) but here were are! I had so much fun with this tag, love the options and loved thinking about if I would be smashing or passing. OK, some had me thinking, quite a few I just knew instantly what my choice would be. XD

Original Creator: Crooks Books (check out their blog).

Bookish Tropes

SMASH! I got a few that I don’t like (Chosen One, Love Triange, Miscommunication), but for most I am all in for Bookish Tropes! I love seeing second chances, secret identity/billionaire, one bed, soul mates.

Alternating POV

SMASH? PASS? A bit of both. It really depends on if it is done well, like the characters voices are different enough and if the alternate POV brings something new. I have read books with alternating POV and it felt like at least one or more of the POV could be removed because they just didn’t add anything. Or they just merged in the first POV because their voices were the same.

Ambigious Endings

NAH, PASSS. PASS. I don’t like these. I just want a clear ending, or at least clear enough. If I invested my time in a book I want to get a satisfying ending, especially when it is a standalone. The many times I didn’t get that. NO.


OMG, SMASH SMASH SMASH. I just LOVE reading non-fiction. Science, animals, history, weird stuff, ghosts, cryptids, sign me up for all of that.

Historical Setting

SMASHITY SMASH! Yes! I love historical fiction! So a historical setting, something like Egypt, old Japan, books about Scotland/Highlands, Regency? YES. YES.

Morally Grey characters

Smash-ish? I am OK with them. Depends on the character though.

First Person POV

Mmm, Spash? Sometimes it works, like in those Choose Your Own Adventure books. But sometimes it just doesn’t.


Pass. My ADHD and audiobooks just don’t work. My mind gets distracted once (and that happens a lot) and I will just miss out on 10 minutes of audiobook. I had once that I just didn’t hear like 2 whole chapters because my mind was pre-occupied with something else. XD


Smash, though it may be years after I read it because my mind can still remember a lot of things even after years. I know that sometimes I come across a book in the library, crack it open to see if it is good, and just by the first page I remember the book.

Classic novels

HARD PASS. Funnily, if you had asked 11 year old me she would have probably said smash. Because before High School? I loved reading classics and the older literature stuff. These days however I just want to stay away as far as humanly possible. XD Classics bore me. I find them annoying.


Pass. I don’t like writing in books. At times if it is a big book I may add little tabs to pages with good quotes, but for most my ADHD just forgets about doing all that.

Cracking Book Spines

Mmm, I would say doing it on purpose is a no, but sometimes you just can’t avoid it. Some paperbacks are so flimsy that they just break their spines with just a look. XD Really.


Me these days is SMASH SMASH SMASH. I love me some good smut! Really, the things I read these days would so traumatise me from years ago. But these days I am all in for smut/sexy times~ Bring it~

Character Driven Books

Smash! I do love a good book with fantastic characters!

Past/Present Split Timeline

*smashes the Smash Button so hard* YES! YES! I love it so so much. Seeing what happened in the past to make more sense of the present, or get those answers that you were looking for. So YES.

Heavy World Building

PASS! I don’t mind some world building, in fact it is needed, but you don’t need to freaking drown me in it. I have read some books with so much world building I just couldn’t keep track an in the end I was just utterly lost.


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