Library Haul ~ 7-1-2022 (Library #2+#3)

Library Haul ~ 7-1-2022 (Library #2+#3)


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A wintery welcome to a new Library #2 and #3 haul! It was that time again!! dances

Keeping this post short, it is 7.30pm here, just got to my laptop and I frankly just want to sleep. Haha. But I do want to share all these amazing books with you so here we are~

First up Library #3 who are still renovating (when will they ever be done), thankfully these days things don’t move too much so I am not that confused about the whereabouts of books. I had fun walking through the library, travelling through it all and searching for books. I found quite a few books that really good and I am very happy with all the comics I found. All new to me. I also picked up a few that I think my hubby will enjoy when I am done with reading them~ And I am excited to read that Komt goed book as it seems to be something I really could use now. A book about stress/positive thinking.

Next up is Library #2, I had 14 reservations waiting for me. Yes, not a lot. They didn’t add a lot of new books this time, but I did managed to get some books I had been eyeing so I am very happy. I had fun walking through this library, well, OK, not entirely but that is mostly because the trolley/shopping bag on wheels just kept letting go or sagged. The velcro that is holding it all isn’t doing well. But other than that, good times. I found quite a few books, including several interior design books. No clue why, but I am in the mood for that now. XD Plus, one chonker book about all sorts of traditions around the world. And yes, when I added those 4 heavy boys to my shopper he just totally crashed. funeral tune sounds Eventually, I did get it all in and working, but DANG.

I cannot wait to get reading these books. Well, OK, I read that Audrey Hepburn book because I had been dying to read that one when I saw it online and finally got it in my hands today.

As for a book list, that one will come, I think you can understand that this girl just needs a good movie and some rest. I will update my Tweet for this post when I get the chance to edit it.

STATS: 45 books~ 33 books from Library #2 and 12 from Library #3. LOTS of non-fiction. so excited

First picture is Library #3 and the others are Library #2.

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