Review for A Merry Royal Layover

Review for A Merry Royal Layover

A Merry Royal Layover Teri Wilson, Romance, Royalty, Prince, Princess, Holidays, Christmas, Snow, Pink, LightsA very adorable sweet Christmas novella featuring Love Actually + a prince!

Last year in July I read Once Upon a Royal Summer (theme parks + royalty) and absolutely loved it. So while I was browsing to find some Christmas novellas/books I stumbled upon this novella. About Christmas + royalty + Love Actually? How could I resist!

In this one we meet a girl named Cindy. She lives in the US and is now flying towards Caldavia. A little kingdom in Europe. She has an internship/volunteer job there for Christmas to watch the puppers and keep an eye on the shelter. Sounds good right? Well now add that it is Christmas and that a big snow storm keeps her right in Heathrow. Yep. She is stuck. Thanks to her sweet dad she is not bored though as he made sure she has a good place to wait it out. And then there is a prince look-a-like. Is he really prince Tristan from Caldavia (yes, the country she is also heading to)? Or is it just a very good look-a-like. I just absolutely what happens next. See the two bond over Love Actually. Eat yummy foods and drink tons of hot choco. Comment on the movie. I was just so rooting for these two to kiss and get together, there was much chemistry between them and I loved it so much!

And things get better! Yes! There are Christmas presents. Love Actually/Christmas songs, including an impromptu flashmob with trumpets and the like. Snow, so much snow. Nativity Play. And a sweet swoony kiss. Yes, I am going to tell you know, there is a sweet kiss. And it was perfect. I just loved all the references to Love Actually, to Hugh Grant, loved seeing people bond in the snow storm and being stuck in the airport. Sometimes it sucks, but these peeps made the best of it and it was just wonderful. Definitely something perfect for this season!

And then it is time to go to Caldavia. Meet the dogs… and there is more and I was just swooning so hard. I mean a cute kingdom, cute dogs, snow snow and more snow, lights, and well, that ending. Perfect. Cherry on top of a very festive cake!

There was also some sadness as we learn why Cindy is a bit hesitant about Christmas, about celebrating it. I just wanted to hug her so so much.

All in all, I loved this book and had oodles of fun reading it. It was so charming and sweet. Perfect for the season~ I would love this one to be a full novel, or get to see more of the kingdom + romance~

Star rating, 5 stars

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