Review for Edie and the Box of Flits

Review for Edie and the Box of Flits

Edie and the Box of Flits Kate Wilkinson, Children's Book, Fantasy, Mystery, Travelling, LondonA hilarious story about flits, lost and found, the tube, and tons of adventure!

I have had my eye on this one for a bit, I saw the series promoted on Twitter and was instantly curious. Thankfully, Amazon had the first book in stock in November so I could get it! Now I just need book two. Haha. Because this was great fun.

Edie was such a fun character and I loved how dedicated she was. Not just to the lost/found stuff, but also to helping the flits. I loved that she learned to be stronger. To say no to her fake friends. I loved how dedicated she was to the mystery and solving it. To figuring out what was going on.

I loved the lost/found and the Tube stuff! It was so much fun seeing this being the central setting, the place where mysterious things happen. I loved seeing Edie and her dad find lost stuff and categorize them and put it all together. I loved that things went missing and what kind of things they were. I loved following Edie as she walks through the Lost and Found rooms (and wish I could step into the book to see all the stuff that people have lost). And I loved that so many things happened on the Tube. That we have lost stations. Mysterious lights.

The flits were wonderful, though also maybe a tad annoying with how they didn’t seem to know how to keep quiet at some times. I mean, hi, I get it you aren’t seen by adults (which sucks because I would absolutely LOVE to see a flit), but your actions will be seen. If you break something. If you hold something. People will see it. And since you don’t want to get into trouble (or meet an annoying girl like Juniper) you better learn how to be a bit more inconspicuous. But other than that, I loved them. It was fun to see the various flits, find out where they live, what kind of things they do and how they make their homes. That their kids are born out of nuts. I loved learning more about the flits and what things they could do. I loved reading about their families. Had a laugh at what they ate, all kinds of sweet stuff. Mm! Impy really became a favourite of mine, she was feisty and fun and sweet.

Loved the side characters. Like Benedict and Charlie. One who is too old to see the flits but is willing to help and believe. The other young enough to see the flits.

The villain, Vera, was wonderfully and delightfully written. For real. I love a good villain and this one is a great villain. In the end I did feel sorry for her, at least, well a bit. I mean, it is not good what she did, and she is still not good after all the events of the end, but I could somewhat understand why she did things. Then again, she could also just have told people about x and I am sure she would have had a lovely day. But then we wouldn’t have this book. Haha. I loved that Vera was able to talk to birds, that she had a bird that visited her. The magpins.

The ending was both exciting and wonderful and awesome and OMG. And the last few pages just warmed my heart!

But the addition of Juniper, aka the worst brat in the world, made it very hard for me to read parts of the book. We already have a great villain. We already have a great setting. We don’t need annoying distractions featuring annoying little girls who just need to f off. I am sorry, but -0.5 stars. I wasn’t even a fan of her being mentioned again and even getting THAT in the end. It just felt off. Such a shame.

The illustrations were fab! I do wish there were more of them. The style was just so fun and it added so much to the story.

All in all, despite the whole Juniper issue I had tons of fun reading this book and I cannot wait to get the next book in the series! I need to know what is next for Edie and Charlie and their flit friends.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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