Review for I Love You Daddy

Review for I Love You Daddy

I Love You, Daddy DK, Lion, Baby animals, cute, father, non-fiction, sweet, children's bookI received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

I just HAD to request this one. That cover! So cute! So adorable!  That blurb! So much aww! Plus, animals! Sold!

In this cute book we get one quote and then a cute animal baby/parent couple! From lions to penguins to zebras and more. There is a fun and adorable selection of animals. I do think that maybe it would have had more impact if I had seen both pages. Now I saw either just the quote or the animal and I had to scroll to see the next page with the quote/animal. It was still super cute, and I still enjoyed reading the quotes and going AWW at the animals. The quotes were very sweet though I think it would have been even better and cuter if they weren’t for most random I love you quotes but fitted with the animal specifically. Like how with the dogs, that the puppy could have said something about how dad is always there to play. There were a few that did fit, like the giraffe or the donkey, but I would have rather seen it all be specific to the animal.

I did like the variety in the book. We don’t just get exotic animals but also animals that are close to most kids. Like chickens or dogs.

The quality of the photographs were really well done. That sounds a bit weird, but I have noticed that sometimes the quality just sucks, so I am always happy if that is different. I also like that instead of photographs as background we get a lovely colourful background that fits with the animal.

That blurb in the back though. I do hope that one gets adjusted when the book comes out. Because my copy listed: monkeys in rainforest, which we didn’t get in this book. So either my copy is incomplete or things were edited along the way.

All in all, despite some things that I think could be better, I would recommend this book, I think this would be a very lovely book to give to fathers on father’s day or another special day. It was very cute and sweet.

Star rating, 3.5 stars

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