Review for Japan

Review for Japan

Japan: Land of the Rising Sun Melanie Clegg, Photography, Shrine, Temple, Japan, Travel, Non-Fiction, GorgeousI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Netgalley has been releasing all sorts of gorgeous photobooks these past days and while I was tempted to click on request, I managed to hold myself in. Until I saw Japan appear. A quick look on Amazon to get a sneak-peek soldered the deal. I needed to have this book!

Japan is still one of those countries I would love to visit one day. But without all that money and allergies (soy/nuts and several others, but soy is like a big thing in Japan) I just haven’t been able to go. It is still a dream. Thankfully, more and more photobooks are appearing or books with stories about Japan. So I can still enjoy Japan, still just imagine I am going on a trip.

In this absolutely STUNNING book we visit all of Japan. From the big island to the island surrounding it. From Tokyo to Osaka to Mt Fuji to well everywhere. Haha. I loved that the book was cut into sections. I read it in order, but if you have a specific part of Japan you would like to see you can just go to that section! I loved travelling Japan and I loved all the various photographs. Not just landscapes or cityscapes, but also people, delicious foods, lonely onsens, cute monkey, trains, gorgeous look-out points, Mt Fuji, streets with lights, maiko and geisha, shrines, and so much more. It was just a feast for the eye and I loved how the photographer captured so much of Japan. I also loved seeing some popculture like Hatsune Miku (with the famous snow festival) and the Pikachu parade. I just wanted to step into the pages and be part of the scenery. I loved seeing some unknown or less known parts of Japan as well, often with books it focusses on the big things. The big marks. But here we also get to see things that you don’t always see and that is great! Give some love to those parts as well.

Normally I would maybe be like, eh sometimes the quality sucks, but this time the publisher actually send the reviewers a mail that they had to compress the file and thus the appearance is affected. So this time I will forgive it. And for most the photographs were of good quality. Just some that were a bit grainy or seemed badly taken.

All in all, I would HIGHLY recommend this gorgeous and stunning book to all. It would be a lovely addition to bookshelves all over the world.

Star rating, 5 stars

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