Review for Legends & Lattes

Review for Legends & Lattes

Legends & Lattes by Travis Baldree , Fantasy, LGBT, Romance, MagicA fluffy, magical, fun book about coffee, cake, friendship, and more! LOVED IT!

I finally had the chance to read this book and now I just want to time travel and tell myself to read it immediately instead of waiting months!!

😍 Loved Viv from the start. She is tired of all the bloodshed, all the quests, all the lifting and raising hell. I don’t blame her. After a while one wants something different and for Viv it is now. Viv was such a sweet girl and I loved how dedicated she was to making things work. To get people to love coffee (I am sorry though you will not convince me, eww coffee). To get people to visit. To figure out how a café works. That maybe food is a good idea. I loved how headstrong she was and how despite some setbacks she kept on continuing. How she tried to solve the Madrigal situation. I loved how she didn’t want to resort to violence, because that would undo all she did here. I could fully understand that. So I could understand her frustration. She wants to do something… but what?
And yes, at times Viv is a bit, um, oblivious. I mean, I could see those sparks go between her and Tandri. But Viv? It takes her a while. XD
😍 All the various side-characters (though not Fennus, Fennus can burn) we meet along the way. Tandri, Madrigal, Viv’s friends and party members, customers that got a bigger role as the story continued. We just have such a wonderful cast of people and I just adored it. So many peeps to look forward to. To meet.
😍 Tandri. Tandri was just amazing. OK, at first I was unsure about this girl, but after a few pages I was a big big fan of this girl. I loved how she stuck to Viv and how her bond with Viv got closer and closer. How they talked, chatted, and had fun. I just loved how fast she learned and I loved that she was the creative one. That she made sure the blackboard was updated with a new food or drink item. That she made the signs to draw people in. I did want to give her a hug a couple of times. Tandri is a succubus and people have their thoughts about that. Not good thoughts. There is also a dude who is stalking her, and really, at times I just wanted to step in the story and yeet him. She is clearly not interested, just go.
😍 Thimble was just the cutest little thing EVER. I adored that little guy and loved the way he communicated and how he showed when he was happy or not. How eventually he got a bit braver and made sure that he could try out new recipes or have a better kitchen.
😍 All the food that Thimble made. OK, some I would just have to avoid (hello nut allergy), but that cinnamon roll? Excccuuuuuseee me, I need 10 of those.
😍 Cal, the oh so grumpy looking character, but we see that he has a good heart. A very big heart. I loved all he did for Viv.
😍 The adorable and ferocious dire-cat. I just loved that one. How she was always there to protect Viv. How she was there to claim a place for herself in the café.
😍 The name of the café, Legends & Lattes. Just perfection.
😍 The kind old neighbour who shouldn’t cook/bake. XD I loved that lady and I loved how strong she was.
😍 I loved how the story went. For most it was a very soft, warm fluffy story, but there were also some darker elements. Like with the stone under the café. Or Fennus (again burn in the pits of fire). Or with the Madrigal at first. I really liked that. It just gave it that extra. You still kept having that fluffy feeling, but was also kept on your toes.
😍 I loved reading about the town/city and also about other places. I would kind of love a book from another character and see them travel the world. One of the friends/party members of Viv perhaps?
😍 The ending. We had a very sad part, but then things get positive very fast again. Very hopeful. You are just rooting and cheering for what happens next. You just want to give everyone a warm hug. You want to help out.
😍 The cover! I just love a good illustrated cover and this one is just perfect! Especially the looks the characters give + that succubus tail just resting lazily on Viv’s arm. YES!

😱😭 What happened later in the book. I don’t want to spoil it, but DANG it broke my heart. I was just crying.

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Fennus, please burn. Bye.

I could probably talk a lot more about this book because I have all the feels! This was definitely one of my favourite reads of this year and I hope that the author writes more books like this! I need more! I would highly recommend it to all.

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