Review for Monsters You Should Know

Review for Monsters You Should Know

Monsters You Should Know  Emma SanCartier, Spooky, Fantasy, Monsters, Fun, Children's Books, Non-Fiction, Illustrations, Black, DarkA delightful book featuring monsters that are famous and some lesser known (for me) monsters!

I have had my eye on this book for a while now and I was just waiting for the Halloween month to appear so I could buy it from Amazon and read it! This was a great book for Halloween, nice and spooky.

I had expected more text at first along with pictures, but then I just fell in love with the format. We first get to read what creature’s name is and what country it originates from and then a cute picture for the monster. In the text we also get the first part of the sentence which, if you flip the pages, gets completed there. Sometimes good, but sometimes… BOOM instant scariness! Like with the Padfoot, if you hear the sound.. well then it is already too late. But others take a bit longer, some are really a surprise. I really loved how this was done and it was just such a fun way to introduce these creatures.

The last monster? It was a fun one and I loved how that one ended. That was a fun way to connect the book beginning to end.

With the gumiho I was a bit confused as I normally know her as Kumiho. But wikipedia helped out on that. Both are good.

The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous, I love the style.

All in all, this is a short review, but I hope that it convinced you to try out this fun and spooky book! I would highly recommend it.

Star rating, 5 stars

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