Review for Sirius: Twin Stars

Review for Sirius: Twin Stars

Sirius: Twin Stars  Ana C. Sánchez, Graphic Novel, Manga-style, Heart problems, Abuse, Tennis, LGBT, Romance, Stars, Gorgeous, Family, Blue, Girls, Water, SeaI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I was so excited to see a new graphic novel by Ana C. Sánchez. I loved love Alter Ego (see review here), and so I was excited for this one, and I can promise it delivered it all. I cried, I cheered, I loved everything. I am going to try write a review, but my emotions are still points to the sky so it may be a bit chaotic.

In this gorgeous graphic novel with manga style we meet a girl named Dani and a girl named Blanca. These two don’t know it yet but they are going to have a summer of stars, sweet moments, and friendship… that blossoms into much more.

I absolutely loved the two girls. Loved to get to know them. Dani was at first a bit not there, pushing everything away, but as we learn her story… I can imagine. Having a dream and seeing it shatter like that, the pain she went through and then even more, the recovery, her mom in depression, her dad being her dad. I had a bit of a laugh when she, instead of taking it easy, she went to find an easy job in a store nearby. This girl! I loved how she protected Blanca (for real, this girl is so not impressed with anything) and how they got together and started to get closer and closer. I loved how she opened herself up and that she took Blanca’s advices to heart. To see there is still beauty in the world, that you shouldn’t just give up your dream.

And Blanca. She was just such a fun character, pretty much the polar opposite of Dani. She also has a dream. She wants to do something with astronomy. She is totally addicted to stars. Watching them. Learning about them. The camper she and her sister live in for the summer is filled with starry things. I am so glad that the Blanca we saw with those girls is not the real Blanca. Then again, given what we learn… wants to shake some people. In fact, Blanca is passionate, sweet, and strong. And I love how she sparkles each time she talks about something she is excited about. I also love how she is there for Dani. How she tried to help her out, to motivate her, to show her life is beautiful. You just have to look up and not give up.

I am so glad that these girls talked. There was one moment that I was like, COME ON, TALK ALREADY. Stupid miscommunication trope. But for the most of the book they talk. About everything. Family. Friendship. Love. What happened to Dani and if she should pick up that phone one day or not. Astronomy. Dreams. Hopes. What this is that they are going to be exploring. I absolutely love it when we have characters who talk.

The setting that they were close to the sea? Love it! I would definitely visit this tiny town. See the sights. Melt in the heat. XD

I loved that we also got to see one or two bits with Dani’s dad. I was already wondering on his thoughts regarding what his wife did to their daughter. What he thought of how far his wife went. And what he thinks of the situation as it is now. I do feel that he could have done better. It feels like he just turned a blind eye, while almost everyone could have clearly seen the abuse. And yes, I would call it that. Dani has a dream. And yes she has to work hard as heck to get where she wants to go because pro tennis is no cookie. But to shout at her, bully her, make her drop friends, to drive her to the ground? No. That is the wrong way. Even if mom had a dream, you should look at it realistically instead of just forcing and pushing and shoving.

The ending, good lord, I thought it couldn’t get any better, but BOOM, there we go. This was a wonderful ending to this gorgeous book. I am so happy to see the two again and see where they ended up. To see them all grown up. I was already an emotional puddle, well this made me a bigger puddle. XD

The art is just absolutely stunning. Ana C. Sánchez has an epic drawing style and I love how she is able to capture emotions, not just through expressions, but through other ways as well. I also loves the cover which so clearly shows how these two characters are. Especially in the beginning of the story.

So I would recommend this book to everyone. A gorgeous heart-breaking (I cried), but also inspiring read featuring two fantastic characters.

Star rating, 5 stars

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