Review for Snarlbear, Vol.1

Review for Snarlbear, Vol.1

Snarlbear, Vol. 1 Natalie Riess, Fantasy, Graphic Novel, Monsters, Girl, Cape, Kick-ass, Unicorn, QuestsA girl lands in a magical new world and kicks a lot of butt! This was oodles of fun!

I have had my eyes on this series for a while and I was delighted when I found out that Hiveworks was having a sale! So I bought this one and a few other graphic novels! First up was this book as I was looking forward to it the most!

😍 Loved Daisy. She was strong (maybe a bit too strong at times, RIP monsters) and she kicked some serious ass. I just love that she was unfazed about landing in this new world and that she made the best of it as she went along on an adventure and kept getting into situations. I loved how she tried to help people and make sure everyone was safe. Oh, and I was just amazed at how, instead of trying to run or cry or whatever I would do if I would land in this situation, she grabbed her broken bike and used it to her advantage!
😍 The names of everyone we meet along the way. Some made me laugh.
😍 The cover and the art! Natalie Ries has such an amazing style of drawing and I loved how colourful it was in many places. That snarlbear cape. WOW that is one gorgeous item! It was also interesting to see what colours various monsters/species in the world had. Some bright. Some monochrome. Also, loved how each chapter had a gorgeous chapter page + on the top and bottom a pretty banner. Love it!
😍 There is never a quiet moment. Daisy keeps falling into adventures and well some mishaps as the story goes on. She kicks butt. Lands in jail. Tries to help an ex-prince. There is a lot happening and you just keep on reading and scrolling (in my case at least as this was a pdf).
😍 The monsters and creatures of this world! There is so much to explore and see!
😍 The world, I cannot wait to discover more of it and see what other towns and cities there are!
😍 I am very curious about what is going on with the ex-prince and his sister! It was both interesting and sus. I am not sure if I am supposed to believe the ex-prince or not, and I loved that. It made me very interested (and even more invested) in the story.
😍 The bonusses at the end! The character designs and descriptions along with items they carry with them~
😍 The Rainbow Dimension. Which sounds like a sweet and wonderful place full of colour and maybe some carebears and cute things… but instead it is a pretty scary place to live. Love it. Plus, apparently it is not that hard to fall into the dimension, which brings all sorts of questions to mind. XD

🤔 OK, sure, I would have liked to see her wonder about her previous life a bit more, but I guess she wasn’t happy there and this was just a good solution to stay in for a while. And maybe I would have liked to see her solve her things in another way than anger. Because she just keeps on kicking, punching, and throwing. I guess she also has to solve a fair share of other things next to the monsters and the quest and the coup.
🤔 Why she is still with that elf/faerie guy who keeps calling himself her manager and getting her in all sorts of problems.
🤔 Is she ever able to get out of this world? Does she want to?

All in all, I will soon be reading the next book, because I need to know how it all ends~ I would recommend this epic and colourful adventure fantasy to all!

Star rating, 5 stars

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