Review for The First Cat in Space Ate Pizza

Review for The First Cat in Space Ate Pizza

The First Cat in Space Ate Pizza Mac Barnett , Shawn Harris, Pizza, Humour, Graphic Novel, Children's Book, Space, Adventure, Moon, PizzaRats that eat the moon, a cat that just wants pizza, annoying and sometimes evil robots, a queen of the moon, and tons of adventure!

😆 Loved the story idea of rats eating up the moon. OK, not original, but still oodles of fun and I was curious to see why the rats were doing it. Did they have a special reason? Or did they just like being evil? What kind of other evil plans did they have?
😆 Our cat! He didn’t say much, but he was a tough kitty and I really liked him as a character. I loved that with just one meow was able to convey a lot more which had me laughing and being happy! I loved that he was totally OK with the journey, that he didn’t mind going on an epic adventure to save the world (and the moon of course, that was also important).
😆 Seeing so many sides. We see our cat and his party but also see the scientists on earth (with some hilarious names) and also get to see the rats (and their evil planning). It made the story more rounded and gave more insight in many things.
😆 The moon! The adventure! Seeing how the moon looked. Talk about the dark side of the moon. Riddles and sphinxes. Dangerous cold mountains. Giants. Scary dark parts as we go under the moon. There was just so much and I wouldn’t mind visiting this moon and get to explore it some more.
😆 The queen was, despite at times being annoying, a pretty good character and I loved that despite being royalty she went with the group and tried to help out. Not many queens I know in stories do this, so I was delighted.
😆 Seeing our heroes make all the plans and having to constantly adjust things as of course things don’t go right in one go. XD
😆 The whale part.
😆 While I didn’t like the robots, I did laugh myself silly each time that one robot popped up and what happened next. Curtains!
😆 The pizza! Yep, the book is called The First Cat in Space Ate Pizza… but well. You will just have to read. I felt both sorry for the cat and I laughed.
😆 There was just not one moment of rest. You just kept going and going and going. It was a rollercoaster ride and I was in for it.
😆 The art! I loved it! I loved how certain parts fit perfectly with where they were. I hope that makes sense, haha, it does in my head.
😆 The rats were great villains!
😆 The epic battle/the last part with the rats! That was just WOW. Epic! Cool! Hilarious as well!
😆 The ending and what happened there. That was a fun one and made me smile~

🙄 Both robots just annoyed me. I was just constantly wishing both of them would just be yeeted in space. Hop. Go. Sure.

But as you can see a lot of positivity. I had so much fun reading this one and I cannot wait for the next book! What will our astrocat’s next adventures be?

Star rating, 4 stars

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