Review for The Search for Sasquatch

Review for The Search for Sasquatch

The Search for Sasquatch Laura Krantz, Non-Fiction, Lore, Science, Children's Book, Bigfoot, SasquatchA very fun science book about Sasquatch. Is he real? Will we ever find out?

I just LOVE LOVE cryptids and so when I learned about this book a few months ago I knew I had to have it! And finally Amazon had it both in stock and also not too expensive! Whoo!

In this book we follow journalist Laura Krantz as she goes to find out more about Bigfoot. A quest! Science! Each chapter goes in a bit more in the lore and the science behind Bigfoot. Because is there really one? There are hints that point to yes, but so far the only things that have been found are some prints + some weird things and some people say they saw something. But that is not really enough, is it? And that is why our journalist is curious, how far does one go for proof and what kind of proof would be accepted. She talks how back in the day it was acceptable (hmpf) to kill something to get a a sample, but these days you come far with DNA. Thankfully! She talks to both squatchers and scientists and witnesses who saw something. It was fun to see her dive deeper. And also get why she is so invested in this, apparently a family member she never knew was big on Bigfoot + more. She is even going out on a camping trip/hike to see if she can find something. Or get an experience. Love how she dove not just in the lore but also the science behind it all. And all written in easy accessible text perfect for kids.

Sometimes a bit boring, but that is because I am an adult and already know how various science things work thanks to books + school. I don’t really care about DNA or anthropology unless it dives much deeper in it than how it was done here. Sometimes I was like, I want BIG FOOT! But again, that is a me thing, for kids it will probably be perfect to explain these things.

I would also have liked more spooky Big Foot stories! We do get a couple and I just soaked them up!

Man, I wish I was in the US at times (most of the times no though because F that), camping in the wild, just going hiking and then putting up a tent, just go out in nature and disappear for days. My tiny country.. well you can’t camp in the wild and while there are spots for nature it is not like you will be gone for days. XD Plus, bears? Nope. Bigfoot? Nope. Just some newly released wolves and mostly bunnies, foxes, and other cute stuff.

I also love the message at the end.

All in all, I had fun reading this book and I flew through it. Very interesting to read with fun illustrations. I hope that Laura Krantz makes more books like this!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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