Review for The Vanishing of Aveline Jones

Review for The Vanishing of Aveline Jones

The Vanishing of Aveline Jones  Phil Hickes ,  Keith Robinson, Fae, Fantasy, Girl, Snow, Mysterious, Mystery, Children's Book, Friendship“Sometimes one may thus go to Faerie for an hour or two; or one may remain there for seven ,fourteen, or twenty-one years.”

The 3rd book in the Aveline Jones series and this time perfect for the Winter time (I read this one early December so even more perfect). This time an old disappearance, evil faeries, stories, and an exciting adventure.

This time Aveline is off with her best friend, her mom and her aunt to a small town to go to the home of her uncle. He disappeared YEARS ago and it is now time to sell the house and get rid of the stuff inside. Yep, her mom and aunt just couldn’t until now. And I can imagine.

I loved reading about the town, loved reading about the mysteries, loved reading about the mystery of that place and also what happened to Aveline’s uncle. How did he disappear? Why did he disappear? It gets really spooky at times and add to that tons of snow and it is just perfection. We also meet a new character who I hope we will see in the next books or at least get a bit of a hi from in the next books. I loved getting more and more hints on what could have happened along with folklore stories about fae.

Bonus points to those parts between the chapters! Those were just a-plus and made the story complete and even more fun for me.

While I did love what happened underground and all those spooky fears, I did wonder why no one ever cared to search for this guy. EVER. I mean, I get it. Aveline loves supernatural and believes in it, but there must be more people, right?

But the underground part and that scary fae? It was a great read and I loved that Aveline wasn’t alone in this one. That she had her friends. That they supported her and helped her make the right decisions. That they could face their fears. I don’t want to think of getting stuck underground, brr. I don’t have claustrophobia, but DANG this book definitely did give me all those vibes. Not to mention the whole time limit thing… MM. NOPE.

Some typical horror stupidity: Magical flyer appears and neither of them question about it and then when a friend texts them and tells there is no festival they just dismiss him because maybe it is a new festival. That just made me snort. Or some things that happened when they were underground. I get that she was emotional because HE LOOKED LIKE IT, but come on girl, you are better than this.

But all in all, a very exciting and fun book and I just flew right through it. Hop! Couldn’t stop. It was just TOO GOOD. I would recommend it and I cannot wait for the next book!

Star rating, 5 stars

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    1. The whole series is awesome, would highly recommend it! I haven’t yet watched or read them, but I heard about them. I do want to check them out~

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