Review for There’s a Ghost in This House by Oliver Jeffers

Review for There’s a Ghost in This House by Oliver Jeffers

There’s A Ghost In This House Oliver Jeffers, Picture Book, Creative, Ghosts, Children's Books, Picture BookA wonderful book about a girl who believes ghosts exists, but never seen one, will we see one on our trip through her house?

Oliver Jeffers is back and I could finally read this book that I had been eyeing since it came out shakes fist at Amazon and hugs her library for having the book in Dutch in November

In this fun book we are visiting a little girl who thinks that her big old mansion is haunted… yet she never has seen a ghost. So is there a ghost? Well, yes, girl there is a ghost! And done in a wonderful creative way! You know those translucent pages you often get in books for your photographs? Well, you got them here as well. On the normal page we follow the girl as she tells us about her house, tells us about the sounds she hears or the weird things happening. And then if you put that gorgeous translucent page over that normal page. BOOM ghost or ghosts. Staring through banisters. Hiding under the bed when our girl gets near. Rattling some chains. And more. It was just such a delight. One page normal and then boom it is paranormal. While you would think that you can easily spot the ghosts on the translucent page, that really depends on your light. For most I didn’t see them until they got closer to the page and that was definitely fun! That made it all the more a surprise. And I had so much fun seeing our girl talk about wanting to see the ghosts, wondering about the haunting, and then see the ghosts do their thing.

Each page was just a delight and I laughed, giggled, and wish I could just step in. Maybe as a ghost or maybe as the visitor. I think both would be fun. XD

I loved the illustrations and I loved that they were done on photographs/adverts from stuff. It really made for a fun experience. The ghosts were really nicely drawn, I loved how they looked.

The ending and the fact it went even to the endpapers was just A-plus plus plus. I had not expected the story to end like this (but had hoped for it) and then it even goes further. I laughed and I love it!

All in all, Oliver Jeffers did it again! I got this book from the library but I will definitely be buying the book for my own collection because this is just way too fun and allows for plenty of re-reads! I would highly recommend this book to all!

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