StickiiClub ~ Cute x Pop Unboxing December 2022

StickiiClub ~ Cute x Pop Unboxing December 2022

Afternoon all!

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Welcome to a new Stickiiclub Unboxing! It took a bit but I finally got December~ Hopefully things speed up a bit so things get here at the normal pace again.

This time it is December’s stickiiclub and the themes are Year of the Bunny and Party Remix! I am so happy with both these sticker packs. I love bunnies and I love that we get a whole load of cute stickers in this envelope to celebrate the new year! And then on the other side with the POP we got Party Remix, not really New Years related, more parties in general. So music, cakes,

What is Stickiiclub? It is a monthly sticker subscription, you can get three kind of packs, Cute, Vintage, or Pop. It is quite cheap, 10 dollars (around 8 euro) per pack. Shipping depends on where you live. For me it is 2.5 dollar.
Each pack has a minimum of 10 items. 6+ sticker sheets, 3 stationery items + 1 STICKII storage insert (which I love, now I just need an A5 binder with 6 rings). As you can see there is plenty to love about these packs. If you want more on the packs/Stickii Club check out their homepage.

NOTE: For now I will just keep on just posting the stickers! WP is really not in the mood for me to add things. XD

Stickii Club, Stickers
Stickii Club, Stickers

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