StickiiClub ~ Cute x Pop Unboxing January 2023

StickiiClub ~ Cute x Pop Unboxing January 2023

Afternoon all!

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Welcome to a new Stickiiclub Unboxing! Yes! This time it is on time! Whoo~ Next month I can do it a bit earlier as the stickers have been here for 2-ish weeks, but since I already had to do December in January it just didn’t work out with the time.

This time we have Cute with Valentine’s Day and tons of chocolate and adorableness and I just love that one! I love love it when sticker sets go seasonal. I really have some I want to use right now, haha, but now to find some place for it. And the other one is Hybrid, so creatures, magic, fantasy. While I would rather have had Valentine’s Day, I am still very happy with this because they are so pretty. Very happy with the mushroom stickers as that is from an artist I really like! Though I am not sure what the strawberries sheet has to do with all of these, haha, maybe they tried adding some Valentine’s Day?

What is Stickiiclub? It is a monthly sticker subscription, you can get three kind of packs, Cute, Vintage, or Pop. It is quite cheap, 10 dollars (around 8 euro) per pack. Shipping depends on where you live. For me it is 2.5 dollar.
Each pack has a minimum of 10 items. 6+ sticker sheets, 3 stationery items + 1 STICKII storage insert (which I love, now I just need an A5 binder with 6 rings). As you can see there is plenty to love about these packs. If you want more on the packs/Stickii Club check out their homepage.

NOTE: For now I will just keep on just posting the stickers! WP is really not in the mood for me to add things. XD

Stickii Club, Stickers
Stickii Club, Stickers


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