Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 22-1-2023

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 22-1-2023

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Welcome all! Welcome to a new Sunday’s TBR Updates. Another week has passed, where did the time go?

This week was pretty OK. It is getting quite cold again, even had a tiny bit of snow (and lots more of hail). They are still working on stuff on the street so my head wasn’t there and I was quite sleepy (as they started very early). Most of the week was just normal week stuff, so nothing exciting. On Friday I braved the cold and the hail and visited Library #4 and on Saturday I braved the cold and visited Libraries #2 and #3. Today? Just relaxing and sleeping and reading.
And we almost had a visit to a dog… however when they called us they said there were a few more things that didn’t match the online profile so we said no in the end. Online it was said she just was a bit shy, needed to get used to you, both which are logical in the beginning that will be something with each dog, plus didn’t know all the basic commands, but that she was able to do her pees/poos in the right place and everything else was also fine. So that sounded OK to me, but then on the phone they said that she wasn’t at all trained for that and that would have to be build from scratch. Since she is a 5/6 year old dog that would take a while (and then we would also have to practice her commands and that she feels more comfortable on a lease). So it was a bit much in the end and we decided no. Hopefully, we find another cutie and this one works out~ crossing fingers Very excited though that we were called so fast though, I hadn’t expected haha, we were just having breakfast.
Reading-wise a pretty OK week. Read some from the stack. Was in the mood from some stuff not on the stack. Read from my Kindle. Wasn’t in the mood for several books from the stack (Donald Duck/Day No One Woke Up/Unsinkable) and just threw them off the stack. XD

What did I read last week from my TBR? Catstronauts (very fun, but once again some dumb stuff), Mom, you got this (a lot of fun with great tips, cute photographs, it was just the interviews that didn’t work), Krachtmeting (WOW, this was exciting), Einstein de pinguïn (so cute, so fun, loved it), Wicked Things (were did the whole murder investigation go, what is that ending, but all in all still a great graphic novel), Alice Eclair (so much fun, baking + spying, yas), Atlas of Dogs (sooooooo cute and sooo interesting, now I want even more dogs XD).

I tried and dropped (and at least tried a chapter or so)? Unlocking the Universe (yawn), Nieuwsgierigheid (yawn x2), Liefde op het tweede gezicht (writing style didn’t work), De roerige jaren van een politiewoordvoerder (I tried… but this was just so boring and it jumped around A LOT), The Agathas (the characters were not my thing + seriously first name + last name constantly in one POV? No).

Here is a new stack of books featuring many new library books~ Whooo! Look forward to tomorrow’s library haul if you want to see the rest of the books I got. I am very excited about my new stack and cannot wait to start reading~

Thank you all for reading, let me know in the comments what looks good + what you are reading this week~ I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday + wonderful day, enjoy and stay safe!

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