Top 10 Books December 2022

Top 10 Books December 2022

Hi everyone!

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A warm welcome to the Top 10 Books of December post! December just straight flew by and it was a fun month, but also a hard one.

My health was OK-ish, just tired and feverish at times. But yeah, last year my grandfather died along with one of my older hammies. My mom also has a birthday in this month and since my relationship with my parents is not working it is always a hard time because I still love and miss them. And then there is Christmas. Again celebrated by my hubby and I. No family again. So that was also not easy. I mean, I love my hubby and it is fun with him, but I just miss family. But thankfully I had my hubby and he tried to distract me plenty from things, gave me even more hugs. And so the month turned out not too bad and I even enjoyed a few months. I am still celebrating my vacation as I write this. I will still have this whole week free (was supposed to be until tomorrow or the day after, but I decided to add just a few more days. The weather was weird in December. From very cold -5 to -10 celsius or even lower to 10-15 celcius. New Years was calm but fun, we talked to the neighbours and watched some fireworks. Also lovely fire made by one of the neighbours, because even though it was like 10 celsius out, standing just got a bit cold with the wind, so a bit of a fire kept us warm.

Reading-wise a pretty good month, especially with the last 9 days being vacation and I could read all I wanted. XD

Normally my Top 10 post is mostly English or all English… this time it is 50/50. I read a lot of books, but most of my 5 starred books were Dutch.

This month I had ONE 5+ starred books and FOURTEEN 5 starred books.

Disclaimer: The order of this list is random. The 5+ stars (if I have any) will always be on top, but that is the only non-randomness about the list.

Raargebeurd  Emanuel Wiemans, Graphic Novel, Dutch, Green, Man, Kids, Weird Things, Stories, Fun, Children's Books
A Merry Royal Layover Teri Wilson, Romance, Royalty, Prince, Princess, Holidays, Christmas, Snow, Pink, Lights
De belofte  Loes den Hollander, Novella, Thriller, Mystery, Stalking, Creepy, Wedding,
Review to come February 25th
Sticky Pines #1 The Bigwoof Conspiracy  Dashe Roberts
Corsica : kleine atlas voor hedonisten  Laura Benedetti ,  Dini Thibaut
Review to come February 10th
Christie and Agatha's Detective Agency A Discovery Disappears Pip Murphy, Roberta Tedeschi, Twins, Mystery, Children's Book, House, Island, Flowers, Garden
De wonderlijke fabels van Gustaaf de raaf  Pierrette Dubé ,  Audrey Malo, Children's Book, Raven, Crow, Fables
Review to come early February
Krampus Baby! Elias Barks , Zoe Persico, Krampus, Christmas, Fun, Fantasy, Winter, Holidays, Snow, Monsters, Folklore, Picture Book, Flaps, Children's Books
Liverpool: over een stad, een club & een vader  James Worthy
The Vanishing of Aveline Jones Phil Hickes , Keith Robinson, Fae, Fantasy, Girl, Snow, Mysterious, Mystery, Children's Book, Friendship

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