Waiting On Wednesday ~ Bunnies in a Boat by Philip Ardagh & Ben Mantle

Waiting On Wednesday ~ Bunnies in a Boat by Philip Ardagh & Ben Mantle


Welcome to a new Waiting on Wednesday! Hope everyone is having a great week/day~

I have been looking forward to Bunnies in a Boat for ages! I absolutely LOVE Bunnies on the Bus and I just am so curious what kind of madcap chaos adventures we would get in this book featuring a boat! And that cover, pure chaos and so many details (fish trying to swim away, carrots flying around, a bunny just casually reading a book and forgetting to actually bird spot). I cannot wait for this one to come out at the end of February~

Bunnies in a Boat  Philip Ardagh ,  Ben Mantle  , Boat, Bunnies, Chaos, Picture Book, Children's Book, Humour, Funny, BeachSurf’s up—watch out! Here comes another funny, frolicking read-aloud from the creators of Bunnies on the Bus.

Bunnies in a boat!
Bunnies in a boat!
Dashing and a-splashing!
Let’s hope they stay afloat!

There are bunnies in a boat, and they’re causing a maelstrom in Sunny Bay! The Sunny Town creatures are all out to play in the surf and sand when, whoosh, there goes a speedboat full of bunnies. Watch them crash into a sandcastle, whisk the sails off boats, zip their way to the airport, and run for the plane’s cockpit . . . oh no! Philip Ardagh’s rollicking, rhyming text is a joy to read aloud, while Ben Mantle’s colorful visual gags and zany details make this a story kids will be bouncing to read over and over.

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