What I Hope To Read February 2023

What I Hope To Read February 2023


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A warm fluffy welcome to a new What I Hope To Read! It is February (where did the time go) and I got some great new releases I want to read!

So far January has been great! We still have a week to go, but I am happy with this first month of 2023. Yes, it went by in a flash, at times I was so confused as it felt like way earlier in the month. XD This month’s first week was vacation, after that it was back to everything again. Blogging, work, and more. My health was a bit up and down. Still think I should go to the doctor as I had so many pain flare-ups in certain parts of my body. We didn’t walk a lot, due to the pain but also because it was so DARN COLD in the evening hours. I baked a lot of yummy cakes. We almost had a shot at a dog, but then apparently there was more to do that wasn’t mentioned on the site so we said no. I visited all the libraries and read a ton. In just a few days we got a fun Saturday planned with friends/colleagues and some, hopefully, yummy beers.

Reading-wise from last month? One book! The Dutch books weren’t yet in the libraries and Dutch books are just way overpriced these days. Ghost Spider didn’t come in yet even though I pre-ordered it just a few days before it should have come out (thanks Amazon for reminding me once again why I don’t pre-order). I got Libby on my Kindle when it came out the 19th, but just haven’t had the time yet to read! Hopefully soon!

And I got some really great books to look forward to in the upcoming month! Some YA, some Dutch books.

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