Book Haul February 2023

Book Haul February 2023

Afternoon all!!

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A happy welcome to the Book Haul for February! WHAT A FANTASTIC MONTH! WHoo!

February was a pretty fun month! Doing some Pokemon Go fun. My birthday was on the 5th and I had a wonderful day visiting a big museum, going for a walk, and having yummy dinner. Then there was Valentine’s Day and my hubby and I ordered some food and played LEGO and watched stuff. I baked some yummy foods and have some plans on making more (as I got a new book). I started gardening a bit as the weather is slowly improving, it is cold as heck, but you do notice a bit of a change in the air. I comprised on the Christmas tree, removing that, but keeping the lights and putting them on my big fake bamboo plant. XD And we are still on the hunt for a dog! But female dogs that work are hard to find it seems. We walked a bit more, it is still cold, so mostly in the weekends during the day. Of course, libraries were visited. All in all, I am happy with this month and cannot wait for the next one! March!

Reading-wise, good good month! Got a lot of fun books! Again mostly all English. In this haul I will list the books I got this month not related to my Birthday, if you click this Birthday Haul link you will find all the books I got for my b-day, which includes books I bought to treat myself and books my hubby got me!

I am still going through the books, haha. Still got 6 from my Birthday Books and 5 from my normal stack to read. Plus, I also got one ebook I bought last week Thursday that I need to read.

NOTE: For one of the books I went with the kindle, as they just didn’t have the hardcover. Will be adding it when I read it.

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Spider Gwen by Little Golden Books
Avengers Assembly: X-Change Students 101 by Preeti Chhibber, James Lancett
Murder at the Museum by Alasdair Beckett-King, Claire Powell
Sherlock Bones by Tim Collins, John Bigwood
Gross Factopia! by Paige Towler
Kay’s Brilliant Brains by Adam Kay
The Enchanted Forest by Kirsty Applebaum, Sahar Haghgoo
Warren 13th #2 by Tania del Rio, Will Staehle
Held of Schurk by Benjamin Goyvaerts, Yasmina Faid
Bakken als de beste! by Kluitman

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