Book Review Tour ~ Wait for me by J.M. Mckenzie

Book Review Tour ~ Wait for me by J.M. Mckenzie

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Wait for me by J.M. Mckenzie, Zombies, Survival, Horror, Scary, Travelling, Post-Apocalypse, Woman, Road, Terrorist Attack

A brrraaainnnns welcome to the Book Review Tour for Wait for Me by J.M. McKenzie! So excited to be part! So happy I could read the book, it fits with my resolution this year to read more zombie books~

For today’s post I got 4 starred review + book/author information.

Let’s get started!


I received this book from Hygge Book Tours + the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

I am so excited that I could be part of this tour! I am getting back to zombie books so this was a bit yes to me when I got the blog tour request in my mail~

I loved the idea of a woman going back to home to her hubby. I am pretty sure I would do the same. Just get home. Hope he is still there. Or he left a message. I could totally understand Lisa’s obsession with getting home. I loved how she kept going despite the days passing by and things getting more and more scary and dangerous. How she never gave up and just kept making new plans to get home. She just knew he was there. The journey wasn’t easy but I just loved following Lisa (and Anita, who was another fantastic character) on their journey. From bicycles to walking to using a big boat, they figure out a way. And kick some zombie ass along the way with all sorts of weapons. I was rooting for both characters. Though yes, haha, at times I may be a bit frustrated with Anita, but I could also understand why she was a bit hesitant about things. In this insecure world going on a journey to a place someone may or may not be?

I loved the little map in the beginning of each chapter and see where the girls were at the moment. See if they were getting closer or not.

I am always so surprised when a zombie apocalypse happens and people just DON’T KNOW WHAT THE F IS GOING ON. Do they not have zombie movies or series or books? I mean, they apparently have Tomb Raider so I would expect that they know.. but each time, each book. There were so many stupid dumb horror moments. Like when someone was bitten and they just let him in their home and in their car and I was just so frustrated. Like, LORD please, just kick him out/get him out of his suffering. I would so love a zombie book with people knowing what the f is going on and just act on it. Not go hug or get close to an infected. Aim right for the head. GO!

I am so happy that we also got to read other survivor stories. Get to see what happened to them and how they got to where they are now. How they survived up to this point. Some where just horrific to read and I was just so sad.

As always with books like this, instead of humans just working together to fight.. there are bad guys around every corner. Really. And of course never go to a survivor camp. Nope.

I also have to say that I love, that may sound weird, that this zombie apocalypse isn’t because of a pandemic. It is because of a terrorist attack. Which is terrible of course, but for me it worked just better as I am still having a hard time reading zombie books that start with pandemics. Thanks to our “dear” COVID I just have a harder time with pandemic books. It was quite interesting to read how the terrorists went to work by using public transport. It is a scary thought that just something like this can be the undoing of humanity. *shivers*

A bit something that wasn’t fun, so putting it under spoilers as I do have to mention it. I just wanted her to get fucking home. But each time she was ALMOST there… something happened. It was very frustrating She worked so hard to get home and then BOOM, something would happen and it would take way longer/she wouldn’t get home. I would have rather had her have a superlong journey over this, I think that would have worked better and then you could still have all the pages this book contains.

I am a girl with asthma so I was pretty happy to see the MC having the same (we still need more books with representation). One time when she got an asthma attack? That was so well written as it immediately triggered for me. I just could feel it. Feel the pain. Feel the worry. Feel the fear. Especially when one doesn’t have medicines close by.
HOWEVER, Ventolin doesn’t work that way. You don’t need to take it every minute? Hour? That is just not healthy and that will affect if the medicine works. I have been taught by doctors how much to use it and this is not the way. I have been taught one or two puffs if things get hairy and then just wait.
And I guess I am f-ed if something like this happens. I would have to break into an actual pharmacy as they don’t sell medicine like that in normal stores. Not to mention… I would have to find the right drawer (yes, they don’t just have them casually lying around) and then hope that no one eats me while I search those LONG (I have seen a pharmacist open one once and it just kept on going) drawers for my medicines.

But beside that and the other thing I  enjoyed this book A LOT and I am very happy I had the chance to read it! I am really getting back into zombie books! I would recommend this book and I will have to see if there is a second book!

Star rating, 4 stars

Wait for me by J.M. Mckenzie, Zombies, Survival, Horror, Scary, Travelling, Post-Apocalypse, Woman, Road, Terrorist AttackLisa is on a train, 20 miles from home, when the United Kingdom is hit by a terrifying bioterrorist attack, and a national emergency is declared. After she was separated from her husband, Neil, in the hours following the September 11th attack, she made him promise that, in the event of a similar crisis, their priority should be to go home and wait for each other there. Keeping her promise, and trusting Neil to keep his, she sets out on what she believes will be a quick and easy journey. But the world she once knew has changed forever and has become deadly and unpredictable.
Will she make it back home to Neil? Will he be there? Will he wait for her?

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About the author:

J. M. McKenzie, Author, Glasses, Pink Top, Hat, Author, PhotographJ.M. had a long career in healthcare but, like many people, always had a personal ambition to write a book. As a child she aspired to be a writer but was never encouraged or supported to follow this career path. She always wrote in the context of her work, but this was largely on commercial and scientific subjects. It was only after she took early retirement in 2018 that she started writing in earnest.
In January 2021 she published her first fictional novel, Wait for Me, the extraordinary story of one ordinary woman’s journey to get home to her husband at the start of the zombie apocalypse in the UK. Trident Edge, the sequel to Wait for Me, was published in October 2021.

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