Goodreads Monday ~ #19: Minato‘s Coin Laundry 01 by Sawa Kanzume, Yuzu Tsubaki

Goodreads Monday ~ #19: Minato‘s Coin Laundry 01 by Sawa Kanzume, Yuzu Tsubaki

Evening all!

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A warm fluffy welcome to a new Goodreads Monday! This time I picked an adorable BL that I gifted myself for my birthday~

I thought since tomorrow is Valentine’s Day it would be fun to pick a book with romance, and I had two books I wanted to show, but in the end decided to go for a book I already have ready and waiting for me!

So far the week has started off nicely. Busy, but nice. So many things to do! Haha, but I don’t mind, as long as I can just doze off and relax in the evenings. The weekend was pretty OK, Saturday I visited Libraries #3 and #2 (see haul here) and on Sunday I just slept and relaxed. Sometimes you just need a day to do nothing.


What’s Goodreads Monday:

Originally hosted by Lauren’s Page Turners and now on Budget Tales Blog!

This meme will still include choosing a book from your Goodreads “to read” lists, but I also wanted you to feel able to share any progress that you have made on your current reads, your progress on any challenges that you have set and any other general Goodreads news!

There is no obligation to do the above, it is just a chance for you to share any Goodreads news and progress as and when you feel like it.

My book for this week is……
Minato‘s Coin Laundry 01 Sawa Kanzume, Yuzu Tsubaki, manga, romance, lgbt, cosy, sweet, laundromat,
I really cannot wait to read this book, hopefully tomorrow, though my schedule is all full and my hubby and I are spending the evening ordering some yummy food + we got an adorable cute Lego set that we cannot wait to build. But who knows, maybe I will find time somewhere. It just sounds adorable and perfect for Valentine’s Day. I adore that it takes place in a laundromat, I am bit on the fence about the ages, but who knows, it will probably work out!

Thank you for reading! Let me know in the comments if you are interested in this book (and for the English peeps, are hoping for it to get licensed in English) and what your pick would be for today. Also what is everyone’s plans tomorrow? Anything fun/romantic?

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