Goodreads Monday ~ #20: Neon Gods by Katee Robert

Goodreads Monday ~ #20: Neon Gods by Katee Robert

Good evening!

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A warm welcome to a new Goodreads Monday! This time I picked a book that I got in Dutch from one of my libraries and I am hyped!

I was thinking what to pick for my Goodreads Monday, something either on my TBR or something I would like to buy very soon, decided to go with TBR in the end, but then which one, home or library? I quickly picked library as I remembered I got an awesome book from the library. Yes, it is in Dutch, but I will take it!

So far the week is off a bit rocky, my throat and head hurts and I keep coughing, hopefully it doesn’t go into full sick mode, I really don’t want that. But today I just took it mostly easy. Some household stuff, some blogging, trying a bit of exercising (want to keep that up otherwise I know that my ADHD my just be like MEH). Wish me luck that tomorrow I feel better~


What’s Goodreads Monday:

Originally hosted by Lauren’s Page Turners and now on Budget Tales Blog!

This meme will still include choosing a book from your Goodreads β€œto read” lists, but I also wanted you to feel able to share any progress that you have made on your current reads, your progress on any challenges that you have set and any other general Goodreads news!

There is no obligation to do the above, it is just a chance for you to share any Goodreads news and progress as and when you feel like it.

My book for this week is……
Dark Olympus #1 Neon Gods  Katee Robert, Adult, Romance, Mythology, Retelling, Chair, Purple, Blue, Hades and Persephone, Romance
I came across this book in the library and was EXCITED, I have been eyeing this book, in English, for a while now. I hope that the Dutch translation works, sometimes things get translated either way too literal or just forego with the vibe of the book. And hey, if I like the story I guess I can always buy it in English should the translation not work. But boy, I am hyped! I love a good Hades/Persephone story and I hope for plenty of spice and sweetness! *crossing fingers*

Thank you for reading! Let me know in the comments if you read this book (and what you thought) or if you want to read it just as much as I do. I hope everyone has a great Monday and a great week! Enjoy!

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