PROMO PROMO ~ Strays by Janeen Leese-Taylor ~ Excerpt, Teaser, Promos

PROMO PROMO ~ Strays by Janeen Leese-Taylor ~ Excerpt, Teaser, Promos

Hey all!

Strays Janeen Leese Taylor, Crime, Murder, mystery, Detective, Small Town, Cop, Wolves, Werewolves,

Today I am proud to be working with Janeen Leese-Taylor to promote her book! I want to say a big thanks for Janeen for wanting to work with me, not only paying me for my time, but also sending me a review copy to be read and reviewed (I currently got that planned for early March, sorry to the review that was already planned then XD).

I am very excited about this book, there is crime, there are werewolves, there is a small town, a murder, and more. How could I say no to this one? It sounds so awesome and amazing and I cannot wait to get reading the book. But for today I am shining a big spotlight on the book! I got a few fun things to share, like an excerpt (boy, it was hard to pick just one) and an official marketing image which is just absolutely fab and I love the style (wouldn’t mind more scenes from Strays in that style).

Ready? Then let’s go, I hope my readers are as hyped as I am about this book after they read my post, let me know in the comments~

First up, I need to share this AMAZING cover wrap! It is just so cool and I love the art!

Strays Janeen Leese Taylor, Crime, Murder, mystery, Detective, Small Town, Cop, Wolves, Werewolves,

Strays Janeen Leese Taylor, Crime, Murder, mystery, Detective, Small Town, Cop, Wolves, Werewolves,A murder without evidence, a secret that could topple society and a cop with a bit of a coffee habit!

Three things were certain in the mind of Officer Theodore Night:
One: There’s a serial killer loose in Portstewart
Two: His new friend is a werewolf
Three: He’s in way over his head

When bloody paw prints at a crime scene leads Officer Night to consider the impossible, he must rely not only on his years of investigative experience, but on the local werewolf pack, for help.
An unlikely friendship gives Night the edge he needs to prevent an all-out war. Has Blair, the mysterious barista from Bean and Gone, caused him to bite off more than he can chew?

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Strays Janeen Leese Taylor, Crime, Murder, mystery, Detective, Small Town, Cop, Wolves, Werewolves,

About the author:

Janeen Leese Taylor, Author, Photograph, Short Hair, Pink, Dog Tag
Janeen is an Irish author born and raised on the scenic Causeway Coast. Curious, and with a great love for adventure, Jan spent her childhood climbing trees and talking to her imaginary friends, many of whom have now found a home in her writing.

She has a bachelor’s degree in advertising and works for gaming companies around the world. She is a lover of all things fantasy and aims to bring some magic to the places that she visits in her writing. Portstewart, Dublin and Chester City each feature prominently in both her travels and her writing, and her stories often draw from real life places that have captured her heart.

As an ultramarathon runner, Jan often writes on the go, using her trusty phone and stylus to craft scenes that come to her after hours on her feet. She lives with her husband, Liam, their Border Collie-Cross, Zarya, and their Guinea Pig, (Peek-A) Boo, who they all fear will one day take over the world!

Jan loves to share ideas, including fanfiction and art, on her social media pages!

Find her here:        


Chapter 5, page 24

Theo swore as he clicked the lighter again, the wind extinguishing the spark of the flame the second it ignited. The set had run over, as per usual, thanks to Matt’s inability to say no to an encore. It was nearly 1 in the morning, and he had been practically gasping for a cigarette by the time their team came to take the guitar out of his hands. It was a beautiful night, all things considered, a rare warm breeze hugging him through his sleeveless jacket. The bar had emptied almost an hour ago and yet here he was. Less than 5 hours before he was up for work. Not that he would sleep, not with how much caffeine was still currently pumping its way around his system. The man growled around the end of the unlit cigarette, the white stick bouncing in his mouth as he patted his pockets, searching for the spare box of matches he always carried. Pulling it out of the tight back pocket of his jeans he froze in the middle of the movement, turning his head to survey the dark alleyway that led out towards the back of the bar. He blinked, staring blindly into the dark, and listened for a repeat of the strange sound he had heard. It was somewhere between a sob and a retch, a low rasping noise that was not altogether human. Theo stepped down to the roadside, cocking his head as he chewed the cigarette, moving out towards the far yellow-tinged glow of a streetlamp. In the still of the night, he could hear the buzz of the electric lights above the bar, his own hushed exhales as he walked. It was only when he rounded the corner that he spied the movement on the ground, the figure bathed almost completely in shadow, twitching, and jerking in a series of painful spasms that made their small frame curl up on the tarmac. The cigarette fell discarded from his mouth as he found himself running to their side, turning the body towards the light as the stranger arched away from his touch. Their shape was distinctly human, with long limbs and sweat-licked skin. They weren’t wearing much, clearly someone who had been at the club for at least part of the night. He felt his hands brush against the skin of an exposed midsection, the line of the man’s stomach cold as ice despite the warmth of the evening. “Hey, easy there, I’m a police officer,” Theo soothed, “Are you okay? Did you take something?” The other man turned his face towards him and for a moment he saw a glint of amber in the lamplight. “No freakin’ way,” he breathed, “Coffee shop nerd? The Hell you doing here?” Blair narrowed his eyes up at him in confusion, barely recognising the man behind the dark streaks of makeup he hadn’t even realised that he was wearing on stage. He tried to speak and then choked back a pained sob, further curling up into a ball, trying to pull his body closer to the cover of the building. “You need to tell me what you took,” Theo urged, crawling closer and gripping the man tightly on the shoulder, “Did you drink something? Take a tablet? We need to get you to a hospital or something.” Blair let out a garbled noise that was closer to a snarl than actual words, stretching out a hand to take a fistful of the other man’s jacket. He squeezed it tightly in his ghostly fingers, frantically shaking his head. “I can’t just leave you here,” the blond said, watching as the other man’s grip began to loosen and fall away. His arm was so pale, it almost seemed to burn in the spots where the moonlight touched him. “Inside,” Blair rasped, his breathing becoming shallow, “I need…need to get inside. Away from the light.”

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