Review for A Discovery Disappears

Review for A Discovery Disappears

Christie and Agatha's Detective Agency A Discovery Disappears Pip Murphy, Roberta Tedeschi, Twins, Mystery, Children's Book, House, Island, Flowers, GardenMeet Agatha and Christie, twins and here to solve a big mystery! Loved this one~

I saw someone mention this one on their blog and I was instantly curious. I love a good mystery especially one for kids! And this one has characters named Agatha and Christie! Together, Agatha Christie! How could I not read this one?

In this one we meet the twins Agatha and Christie. Agatha is the more quiet of the two and Christie the one more going for adventures. I loved these girls from the start, they were so fun and I loved their bond. I loved that these girls were different but that it didn’t matter to them. They each had their good qualities and they really complemented each other. They really make a great pair and I was eager to see them solve the mystery of the missing sandwich, also know as the sandwich with mould juice (yes, I know, not really yummy right). I loved reading how they went through all the clues and try to figure it out. I had fun solving the mystery with them, though haha, the suspect came out of the blue. Still it matched perfectly, I just hadn’t expected them. Yes, I am keeping it vague, if you want to know who done it you better be reading this amazingly fun book.

Can I just applaud the mom for approving and encouraging her daughters to go for more adventurous and non-female hobbies or jobs? I mean this is still 1928 and as a woman you didn’t have a lot of choices yet. Despite the murmur of social stuff, mom allowed her girls to have fun and experience all sorts of fun.

The ending made me smile, that is so kind of that person to allow the girls to do that and pursue that. Now I definitely need to read the rest, well, haha, by the time this review comes up in February I will probably have read and reviewed/scheduled book 2 as well. After all it is just January as I write this and I recently ordered the second book.

Plus, I loved that next to an exciting mystery we got to learn about who made penicillin! That we saw how that one started! And also who helped Fleming with it. Plus, we get to meet up with Conan Doyle (who is just a bit weird in the head XD).

The illustrations were tons of fun and really made the book even more fun. So happy to see Roberta Tedeschi as the illustrator.

All in all, sandwiches are eaten, sandwiches go missing, and two sisters have a wonderful mystery. I would highly recommend this book to all~

Star rating, 5 stars

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