Review for A Greene Family Christmas

Review for A Greene Family Christmas

A Greene Family Christmas by Piper Rayne , Holidays, Multiple POV, Christmas, Socks, Trees, Family, Romance, The Greene FamilyIt is time to say bye to the Greene Family with one last holiday! Come spend the holidays with the Greene family~

I still need to read all the books, so far I just read this one and another novella (A Greene Family Vacation). But I have plans to read it all! I don’t mind getting spoiled, and in any case, it is not much of a spoiler if you know that each book features a couple and that a HEA is guaranteed. XD I just had to get this one for the Christmas season. I just had to see how the Greene family was doing.

And I loved the way the book was done. Each chapter is a different Greene + each chapter begins with a quote (which I absolutely loved). I had to recheck the family tree again to make sure who was who, haha, it is such a big family I think I will have to do it for each book when I get to it. XD I loved how the book started with Hank and ended with Marla and Ethel. And then the authors don’t stop, oh no, we get a glimpse of Calista Bailey (YES) seeing someone off which sets the excitement bar for the next series VERY HIGH. I loved following the family and I loved how far they went for each other. How far to make sure that this Christmas will be epic again. I loved seeing them explore traditions + also wonder if the family needs all of these. Haha, which I would say no, seriously, the amount of things they had to get done and the fact that Marla is the one doing almost all of it? DANG, I would ditch some traditions fast. Traditions are fun, but they need to stay fun. It doesn’t need to feel like a chore to get gingerbread houses done, or to do carolling when you are just not in the mood. I loved going through the town. I loved visiting Marla and Hank’s home and see the family gather. I also loved that we got some sexy moments between various couples. Even one of the older couples. That made me smile. I was already thinking that this one would be very tame, but there we go. XD

So yeah, I had a ton of fun seeing the days go by and see the family get together. I loved the ending, it made me smile, though I did think Marla was a bit strict at one point. Then again, good for her to stand up for herself and give herself some room, but it did feel a bit harsh and I could imagine the girls reactions.

I also loved that we got some Rylan/Calista stuff. Either mentioned, or when we get Rylan’s POV we see how things are going.

All in all, I loved this book and I had so much fun reading it. All the Christmas vibes! Romance + traditions + fun + family! Yas~ I would recommend it and I cannot wait for the new series.

Star rating, 4 stars

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