Review for All Princesses Die Before Dawn

Review for All Princesses Die Before Dawn

All Princesses Die Before Dawn  Quentin Zuttion, Water, Boys, Sunset, Summer, Romance, Love, Family, Divorce, Multiple POV, Sister, Brother, LGBTI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just couldn’t resist the book when I read that blurb and saw that title. I just had to find out more. See the family.

In this book we follow three members of this family. The mom, her daughter and her son. The mom knows her husband is cheating and that he isn’t happy with things, but is he doing anything about it? No. He just comes home sometimes. I really wanted to yeet that guy far away. Then there is the daughter, named Cam, she is about to go to high school after the summer and she is meeting up with an older guy, but is he really it? And lastly we have the youngest, the son, named Lulu. He is into barbies, princesses, and he really likes his best friend. We see him try to explore that. And we see the reaction of the friend.

It was a really good read. I think out of all the characters the son was my favourite to follow. Seeing him try to figure out these feelings. To figure out what he is. Who he is. We read how he always has loved princesses. We see him play games in which he is the princess, or a mermaid. He is having mostly a fun time, but we see that things are not working out. His friend? I knew what would be coming next and I was trying to prepare myself, but in the end I was still heartbroken for this boy. Yes, it wasn’t a good move to do that, but he was also exploring and probably didn’t know any better ways. I loved that despite that his sister and he clashed at times they dearly loved each other. I loved how his sister was there for him.

I was also so proud of Cam and the mom. Cam for doing a very difficult thing, at least I would think it is that given everything + her age. That was a big decision and I am sure it hurt her, but I am proud that she stuck her guns. And then there is the mom who was just DONE with it. I loved seeing her standing up for herself. For her kids. Gave her husband a portion of her mind. I would have kinda liked them to talk instead of these fleeting moments that he pretended to be a good dad/husband.

Next to all of this we also have the death of Princess Diana. The book begins just when the accident happens and as the story unfolds so does the investigation and more. I am still not sure if I found it fitting with the story, given some things I guess yes, but at times I just found it more of a distraction.

The art is just gorgeous. I really love the style and I loved it when Lulu and his friend were playing games, fantasy stories. That really came to life. The style went from calm to explosive and colourful, totally fitting the epic stories and plays they play.

All in all, a beautiful family graphic novel about standing up for yourself, sexuality and who you are, love and friendship, and more. I would recommend it.

Star rating, 4 stars

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  1. Oh wow, I’d never heard of this graphic novel before but I’ll have to add it to my radar! It sounds pretty emotional, fantastic review! Just discovered your blog & love the variety of recs you have in your posts 🤭💞

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