Review for Animal Shapes + Animal Opposites

Review for Animal Shapes + Animal Opposites

Animal Shapes  Nikolas Ilic, Animal Opposites, Children's Books, Opposites, Shapes, Animals, Non-Fiction, Cute, Fun, HumourI received these books from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review~

I really enjoyed Animal ABC, Animal 123, and Animal Colors, so of course when I saw these cute books I had to press that read now button. I had to read them! And right after requesting them I went to read them. I just couldn’t wait any longer. I was at first worried as the Opposites one wasn’t working on my PC (the pictures were just the shadows of the animals) but it did work through the Netgalley app on my phone.

I thought it would be the most fun to write a review for both books! So here we go~ In these two books we get to see Animal Shapes and Animal Opposites. From small crocodiles and big crocdiles to a square aquarium for two very fat goldfish. I had so much fun flipping, well OK, swiping through the pages and get to see what was next. I have to say that it worked perfectly on my phone as the surprise was even bigger. With a physical copy you get to see the two pages immediately and with the phone you just see one part and then the next. With some of the opposites of course you could easily guess what was next, at least if you know your opposites. XD But with the shapes? That one held a fun surprise each time. What animals and what about the shape. Like the heart, I hadn’t expected that as the next one. So I was definitely happy. For once I didn’t mind reading these books online. And I loved the various opposites, some made me laugh like the shark who went fast. Or the oval, good luck with that one!

I really love the illustration style. Nikolas Ilic just has a wonderful and zany style that makes you giggle. The eyes especially at times. XD

All in all, I think these two books are a wonderful addition to the rest of the series and I think kids will absolutely love it. The opposites and the shapes are well done + the colours are popping + the illustrations are fun. Learning your shapes and opposites is fun!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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