Review for Backpack Explorer: Rock Hunt

Review for Backpack Explorer: Rock Hunt

Backpack Explorer: Rock Hunt: What Will You Find? by Editors of Storey Publishing, Geology, Children's Book, Rocks, Backpack, Non-FictionI received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

I just love reading about rocks and I also used to collect them when I was younger. These days I don’t, but I still love seeing pretty rocks! I knew that it may not be the easiest to find rocks here in my country, really, we don’t have like oodles of nature just next to us, and I am sure there are certain rules to nature parks where you may find things. Also no mountains or big things to climb. So I was mostly just reading this book for funsies, seeing what DIY projects there were, read up on some stones. Sometimes I wish I lived in a country with more exciting nature. XD

In this book we learn about various fun things! From how rocks are created, to where to find the best stones to skip rivers with (a skill I never mastered, haha) to different kinds of sands (so jelly of those seeing black sand), and tons more! There is so much information packed in this short book and it is beautiful. I am always impressed when people can cram tons of information in a small book. I had fun flipping the pages and seeing what was next. I think my favourite chapter was the one about the minerals, I am sorry, I love shiny stuff. I had a few of these minerals (from stores) in my home when I was a kid. Loved holding them to the light of the sun. Plus, I learned some new things as well. I thought I knew most about rocks and stuff, but it seems there are some new bits of information to stuff into my head. Yas! Love that.

I really loved the DIY projects in this one, and would have liked to see even more. From making a box (from egg boxes) for your collection of stones to making adorable pet rocks.

I am so jelly of those in the US, who can just go out on a roadtrip and find minerals, stones, and more. See gorgeous rock formations or canyons. Climb mountains. I guess if I wanted to have a shot I would have to do tons of research to see what I may find, and otherwise travel to Germany or France.

I loved all the photographs and illustrations that were all over the book. It really made the book a ton of fun to read and I just love the combo of both illustrations and photography to show rocks and other fun things.

All in all, maybe not the best book for a Dutchie, but I still had fun reading and dreaming about visiting the US (though that will be a dream forever). I learned some new things. I think this book would be perfect for those in the US or those with tons of places to find rocks + more.

Star rating, 4 stars

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