Review for Indigo Wilde and the unknown wilderness

Review for Indigo Wilde and the unknown wilderness

Indigo Wilde and the unknown wilderness  Pippa Curnick, Fantasy, Adventure, Fun, Ice Cream, Monsters, Travelling, Mystery, Parents, Missing, Girl, Boy, Brother, Sister, Plants, Green, YellowThe next Indigo Wilde and this time we eat ice cream, go to the Jungliest Jungle, and see a different side to someone! Fun!

I was so excited when I saw this book over at one of my libraries! I was curious what adventures would be next for Indigo and her little brother and her family!

In this one Indigo meets a moon bear and has to go to Jungliest Jungle/Unknown Wilderness to find her parents! Yep, we are finally going to the Unknown Wilderness and YES we will finally meet those mysterious parents who constantly leave their kids alone at home (if you can read my tone right you know that I am not happy with parents like this).

It was fun to see Indigo travel through the Unknown Wilderness with her brother and the moon bear. I loved seeing what lived in the land, loved seeing them eat marshmallows and listen to tunes, loved meeting the various creatures, and so much more. At times I just wanted to step into the story and travel alongside of Indigo. It was all just so exciting and fun!

I had a suspicion about the ice cream, so I was already going NOPE when they got near the ice cream place. I mean, it was just way too obvious and there were plenty of hints so I don’t think it is a spoiler. I mean, we got toothpaste. We got warnings. Someone else also said NOPE. What more do you want. XD

I did love the villains in this book, they were exceptionally evil and creeped me out a lot. Haha. It was fantastic. I love it when someone writes a good villain.

Biggest surprise was that neighbourhood lady who was always so nosy and annoying. She started off pretty annoying, but at the end of the book she became one of my favourites. I love the big change and I hope that we see more of her in future books, I am so curious about her new life.

And I also still love and adore that this book has coloured illustrations! That is quite rare for children’s/MG books so I am definitely giving bonus points to this book for that. The colours were oodles of fun and I love the style of the illustrations.

Plus, I am still amazed at the house and how it manages to grow on its own and get bigger and more interesting. I do wonder why the neighbours don’t see it, but maybe that has to do with the whole it being magic and not so much with people not observing. Believe me, if my neighbours house suddenly turned blue and oh yes much bigger, I would notice. It would stand out in the colours of the houses now.

All in all, I really had tons of fun reading this one and I cannot wait for the next book in the series. Hopefully, this time an adventure with both Indigo and her parents. I would love to see more of the world.

Star rating, 4 stars

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