Review for No Ordinary Christmas

Review for No Ordinary Christmas

No Ordinary Christmas Talia Hunter, Green, Romance, Man, Woman, Tree, Christmas, HolidaysA sweet romance of reconnecting, second chances, and lots of hilarious (and maybe also OH NO) situations.

In this one we meet two characters, Luke and Willow. 11 years ago they went to the same high school, almost went to prom when everything went wrong, and now Willow is back for her sisters wedding and we see Luke and Willow connect again in a fun, sweet, sexy way.

Willow was a really sweet character though given everything (also how naïve she is) I had expected her to be maybe just 20, maybe younger. At times I could see the 29 year old, but for most I just saw an 18-20 year old girl. She was a sweet character though and I loved that she started a Christmassy event business in Vegas. I loved her drive. I loved that despite everything she came back to the town. I wanted to give her so many hugs though given her family and several other things.

Luke is our other MC and I really enjoyed seeing his reactions to Willow + to her family + her business + all the chaos she gets into. Since he is with the police… he had to arrest Willow twice. XD The first time he didn’t know who she was, the second he definitely did. I loved how attracted he was to her, and how curious he was. It was great to read several things that happened to him while she was away. Read about the prom. Read about his sister. And I loved it when he stood up for Willow. When he just was tired of her mom bossing her around and never being kind. Yes, maybe a bit awkward as Willow told him that in secret.. but I was proud of him. That he did it.

But the mom and her sister? LORD these people. Thinking about appearances more than caring about their daughter/sister. Yes, she is reckless, but they overreact so many times. OK, at one point, with the gazebo I could get the sister, I would also be hella pissed if my wedding was almost due and THAT happened because my sister was too lazy to grab a ladder. Holly (the sister) later did get a bit better, but the mom? I just wanted to turn on the snowmachine on extra turbo. At one point the MC gets sexually harassed and publicly shamed (again) and instead of comforting her the mom just got angry, how dare she do this to her family, why can’t she be normal, and more. WTF. I would have run away as well.

The romance was well written and I just love a second chance story. It was a bit rushed though, I mean, they went from OH, you are back to OH let’s explore what we missed to OH let’s live together and I love yous in the span of mere days. It just felt too fast for me. I mean, I am happy that these two got together, YAS, and the chemistry was off the chart, the sex scenes well-written, I loved seeing these two reconnect again.

Also given that the feud has been going on for a decade-ish (so 10-ish years) and Holly left 11 years ago… why are people surprised she didn’t know about the feud?

But all in all, despite the rushed romance + the horrible family, I had so much fun reading this one and I flew right through it. I definitely was shipping these two characters + I love the Christmassy setting + the wedding was cute + great sex scenes.

Star rating, 3.5 stars

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