Review for Norman Space Bat 3: Frozen In Time

Review for Norman Space Bat 3: Frozen In Time

Norman Space Bat 3: Frozen In Time Jake Evanoff, Mark Nino Balita, Children's Book, Superheroes, Space, Bat, Alien, Map, Mountains, FunI received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review~

I was so happy when I got the mail from the author to let me know the next book in the series is out and if I wanted to read it! YES! YES!

I loved that the book started with a recap, while my mind knew most of the things it was nice to get a refresher before we got into the book! Thanks for that~

Last time there was a lot of exciting moments happening… including a freeze ray, toxic gas, aliens, and more! I was curious to see how the story would continue and if Norman and Plop would be able to unfreeze people and save Earth 2.0. Or if things would just stay the same. Haha, well, I wasn’t counting on that last one because of course it is a children’s book and things often end up happily ever after even if it may not always be instant.

I loved seeing Norman and Plop work hard and had a big laugh on where the USB was located, that seems like a place I would put it with my ADHD. XD I come across my items in weird places things to that. I was excited to see what was on the USB, namely the history of the Mighty Six. I have been curious about that one and so I was totally invested in reading all about it. We read about the Mighty Six and all the butt-kicking they did (one butt a time), but we also read about the T-Chip, about the bats and getting them trained and how that eventually ended with Norman and the events of this series. Always love it when we get some backstory, and love it even more when it is also part of the story, trying to find a solution for the big problem Norman and Plop find themselves in.

The trials were a lot of fun and I had fun figuring things out along with Plop and Norman, and at times wished I could have been part of the trials and helping for real!

And I loved how the story continued after that. It made me smile, cheer, get some heart eyes, but also a tad sad. That is all I will say about those last pages. You will have to read it to find it all out.

The art is still oodles of fun and I love that they are an important and big part of the story. The colours pop + I love the backgrounds + characters.

All in all, this series was just fantastic fun, and I would recommend it to all. Superheroes, superpowers, aliens, space, and more!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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