Review for The BigWoof Conspiracy

Review for The BigWoof Conspiracy

Sticky Pines #1 The Bigwoof Conspiracy Dashe RobertsA delightful book about mysterious going-ons in a small town, sugar, friendship, and tons of fun!

When I posted my book haul on Twitter, which included that book about Sasquatch, an author (Louie Stowell) commented and recommended this series to me. Of course I had to get it as soon as I could, I mean, HELLO? Big Foot? Mystery? Strange-going-ons? Sign me up.

Lucy was such a fun character. Sometimes a bit too much OMG I believe, but for most I saw a girl who wanted to be there for her town, help out people, and figure things out. I really liked how she never gave up and how she kept going even when things got very hairy and at times a bit scary. She learned quite a few things about her hometown, battled some scary things, and more. She was strong, though she had to make some tough decisions that had me just wanting to give her a big hug.

I wasn’t always a fan of Milo. At times I really saw a sweet boy who just wanted to be friends with our MC and who just wanted to have a good time in the town… but at other times I just wanted to shake him a bit because HELLO. It is obvious that your dad is up to something. And given how he treats you.. you would think that maybe you would believe it when someone says something is up. But I loved how he came through at times that was needed.

The villain, aka the dad of Milo, was just a perfect villain. He was evil. He wasn’t being stopped, and he knew things. He was determined. I have to say that at times I wanted to yeet him into a lake. Or overfeed him with his own sugary crap. XD

Yes, sugary crap. Because Milo’s dad is making something new with the already existing factory and going by the descriptions of the stuff it is very sweet and very sticky and well, I just didn’t want to try it. I am not that big on sugary things. Especially when they are super sugary. EEW.

The monsters, the BigWoof and also that other thing that appears later on that had me going F NOPE, I loved that. They were scary and weird, but I was also curious. And at times I wondered if they were really that bad or if something else was up. Well, later on we get some more details and I just couldn’t help but feeling so sad for the BigWoofs.

Also NOPE to clowns. Bye.

I am normally not one on conspiracy/ufo-obsessed peeps, we got enough of that first one with COVID raging in the early years. But I still couldn’t resist this one and again Lucy wasn’t that bad. Yes, at times she just went a tad far, but for most I just loved seeing her try her darndest to get proof and figure things out.

The ending? Oh boy, that certainly spells out a lot of things for the next one, I am so so curious on how this story is going to go and what more is going on in this town. Because I am sure that this thing isn’t the only thing happening.

All in all, highly recommended if you like a supernatural adventure with cryptids, creepy clowns, friendship, strange things going on, and more. I would definitely love to visit this small town. I am still waiting for the second book to arrive at my home, but I am guessing my the time this review gets up (writing this early January) I will have read and reviewed that one as well.

Star rating, 5 stars

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