Review for The Dawn of the Witch, Vol. 1

Review for The Dawn of the Witch, Vol. 1

The Dawn of the Witch Manga #1 The Dawn of the Witch, Vol. 1  Tatsuwo  (Illustrator) ,  Kakeru Kobashiri  (Original Creator) ,  Takashi Iwasaki  , Manga, Fantasy, Powers, Witches, Girl, Boy, FanserviceOne from the Humble Bundle, a pretty fun magical adventure, though sometimes a bit dialogue heavy.

I am not sure, this one seemed VERY VERY familiar. But I cannot remember reading the manga or trying the anime. Oh well, still happy I had the chance to read it.

This was a pretty fun manga, though a bit heavy on the text, at times even with glasses I had to zoom in on my phone to read all the words. Which tired me out. I could have read it on my computer, but I am pretty sure I would have to zoom in (which doesn’t always improve the quality of the text). I would have rather have some more action, some more magic, some more OOMPF. Which does happen eventually, but not until the later third of the book.

The story was quite fun and at points exciting. Love the talk about history + witches + magic + see what kind of people walked the place, from Beastfallen to normal humans. I loved reading more about the various characters and what makes them tick. Like our girl Hort and her big secret. I just wanted to give her a hug after that. I would like to check out this world a bit more and get more background on it and hopefully see people accept witches more.

I loved the later third of the book. Because secrets come out. There is tons of kick-ass action. It gets really heated and I was fully invested. Loved that we got to see a glimpse of Louz/Loux powers, I cannot wait to see more of it.

Bit off put by how often we saw Louz/Loux panties (I know they aren’t hidden, but often we zoomed in on it or just got a better view) and I know Louz/Loux is I don’t know how many years, she still looks and often acts like a kid. Also how often we focussed on how big Horts boobs were. There are clothes, but at times I was like, yeah, I get it. Big boobs. One moment in the story was even not working for me because of this. Hort is telling her story and then boom we see her on her bed.. barely wearing anything. I am sorry, but for me that was just a turn-off. It made the story works less for me. I think if we just saw a bit and then the rest covered in blanket it would have worked better.

Also of course the MC has unlimited power that no one knew he had and that is why he sucks *rolls eyes* I am getting a bit tired of the pathetic MC but OH NO actually he is awesome trope.

The art? I loved it. Great details on the clothes and other things. And I liked the style. Loved that with just one glance you could see that the MC was tired and not doing so well. And that our Loux/Louz is always a genki loli. XD

All in all, despite some issues, I still had fun reading it and I will be continuing the series.

Star rating, 3 stars

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