Review for The Quintessential Quintuplets, Vol. 1

Review for The Quintessential Quintuplets, Vol. 1

The Quintessential Quintuplets, Vol. 1 Negi Haruba, Humour, Manga, Girls, Quintuplets, Sisters,What happens when you have to tutor not one girl.. but 5. And none of them are really into studying?

I saw this one on Google Play, the first one was free, so I thought it would be a fun one to try out. I think I tried the anime, but it just didn’t work. But I was curious if the manga would be a bit different (plus, it would probably already help not hearing the girls XD).

Well, not really, the girls really were annoying and ungrateful. Instead of being happy that someone is helping them they are fleeing, thinking of plans, distracting him, and one of the girls even poisoned him with a sleeping potion (like wtf). I am trying to like these girls but other than Yotsuba (who just a bit ditzy and seems the most childish) and Miku (whose love for war lords was both adorable and funny) I just couldn’t. The girl with the stars in her hair (Itsuki) was just a bit too deredere for me and way annoying. Sure, at one point I could understand her (after the guy made a remark about her eating a lot), but the rest? No. Then there is Ichika, clearly the most adult (and with that I mean the most trying to look sexy) who just doesn’t seem to be bothered. And lastly we have the hell spawn herself, Nino. The queen of evil plans and the one who tries the hardest to thwart Fuutarou’s plans. The one who also did the sleeping potion shit. Yep. I was mostly just frustrated with the girls so I am happy that there was also a big portion of the book focussing on Miku, the one of the girls I really liked. I had such a laugh in the beginning, yes she was fleeing, but she tried to throw him off in a funny way. And after he proves that he knows his stuff she is dedicated to him helping out.

And well, I guess despite what I said above (before the Miku part), I did have fun reading it. The art I found pretty. I did think it was hilarious that he didn’t know they were sisters (I mean, all reddish hair and bright blue eyes and pretty much the same face). I liked that we found out more about Fuutarou’s home situation and loved how genki his sister is despite all that is going on. I did have some chuckles at what the girls tried to get out of studying. I loved that Fuutarou tried to make custom tests and custom things to help out each girl in the areas they needed help. The cover is adorable. Again Miku and Yotsuba. A typical harem/romance manga thing happens which had me both going OH NO and OH YES (yes, after years of watching anime and manga I am bit conflicted if I like certain overused things). It is great that Fuutarou, despite having to handle these girls and his home situation is still able to stay on top of his studies.

As you can see, plenty of good things, so I will keep on reading as I got volume 2 as well. I guess by the time this review goes up I will have read it and maybe even have a review ready (writing this December 14th).

Star rating, 3.5 stars

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