Review for Ya Boy Kongming!, Vol. 1

Review for Ya Boy Kongming!, Vol. 1

Ya Boy Kongming!, Vol. 1  Yuto Yotsuba ,  Ryō Ogawa, Manga, Humour, Reincarnation, Music, Three Kingdoms, HumourA really hilarious and fun manga about a general from Three Kingdoms getting reincarnated in Japan of now.

It was time for a new Humble Bundle. With some things I didn’t want (Police in Pod or Blue Lock) but also plenty of things I do wanted, including this one which sounded hilarious and fun!

What happens when instead of going to heaven or whatever the name is of the place he thought he was going to, he ends up in Japan? Of this age? And oh yes, right in the middle of Halloween? Well, for one he thinks he is in purgatory which had me laughing, I guess I would also think the same if I would see these peeps and all that modern stuff. XD And then for two, when he finds out he has reincarnated in the future, he decides to fully go for it. Figuring out smartphones, talking Three Kingdoms with his new boss, oh yes, that job, also handy to have, and there is more. I just absolutely loved Kongming, found him very charming and sweet. A bit naïve at times, but for most he was great. And I can forgive the naïve part given that he has been reincarnated years and years after his death. Everything is new and shiny. I loved how he decided to help out Eiko with her dream. And I was just laughing my butt off that he did so with ancient war techniques. Yep. That maze thingie he used? Works fine for modern things as well. XD

I also love that, unlike other books about reincarnation to this new time, he just stayed wearing his clothes. He didn’t bother to get something more modern. He didn’t care that much about it being called cosplay (though OK maybe the first few times). He just was comfortable wearing this.

I loved the connection Kongming and his new boss had, even though the boss believed Kongming to be a Three Kingdom fan instead of really Kongming. I loved that these two eventually even started living together because they loved talking so much. XD

It was a really fun volume and I am looking forward to seeing Kongming achieve more things in this new time, though I am also curious if we will meet other characters from his era or maybe descendants. Plus, I want to root more for Eiko! Thankfully, the Humble Bundle has 5 or so volumes, so I can read some more~

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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