Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 26-2-2023

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 26-2-2023


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It is Sunday again! Whoo! Time for a new Sunday’s TBR Updates~

Not much happened again this week. Well, on Saturday we had fun walking for a bit (which I am certainly going to regret on Monday) + today we are also planning to walk. Pokemon Go has a pretty fun event, with switching biomes each hour and a shiny rate that is a bit higher. On Friday I visited Library #4 and got some shiny new flowers to give the garden (which is still mostly in winter mode) some colour other than green and brown. XD I also cleaned up the garden a bit now that the weather is a bit better. The rest of the week was just your normal stuff.
Reading-wise. Well, I had better weeks. Lots of DNF as books just weren’t for me, bad editing, or just rude characters. There were books I enjoyed, and I also had fun reading some Netgalley stuff, but I feel sad about so much DNF.

What did I read last week from my TBR? Kay’s Brilliant Brains (had to do some cough editing of Prunella’s mean shit, but the rest was fantastic), Zombie 100 #6 (FAB, fantastic, scary, hilarious), A Man and His Cat (adorbs and funny), Dagen van Minsk (eh, OK), Knorrige Koning (I laughed so much, this is a fun series, very relatable for kids), Magische Boomhut (this felt a bit short, missed some context, but still a lot of fun), Vulkanen (oh, this was great, my kid-self would have LOVED this).

I tried and dropped (and at least tried a chapter or so)? De Engel van Sevilla (yawn), Ben ik een influencer (annoying characters ahoy), Esther en Mandragoras (talking cats/talking animals, no. Also the whole sending to earth felt like she was just so terrible they had to ship her off), Een broek vol chocola (loved it being about dementia, about elderly, about family, loved the daughter taking care of her mom, but I HATED the sisters and I disliked the dad), Berghut in Oostenrijk (so boring, I wanted to read about fun things happening with customers, not boring dry stuff about how such a cabin works), Komt niks van terecht (the writing could use editing), De geest van het Besiendershuis (had some good stuff, but in the end it was just too bland for me).

Here is a new stack of books! Could finally add all my birthday books again! Whoo! Added a few new books as I bought 2 new ones and another one I ordered a few weeks ago finally arrived. Plus, some library books still left to read~ Oh, I am still trying out Small Favors… or well, I think I am. Haha, I started it last Monday and here we are. Not much further.

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So, I am excited to start with these books + get to the books I haven’t read from the previous Sunday. Thank you all for reading! Let me know in the comments what you think of my pile + what looks good + I would of course also like to know about your plans~ I hope everyone has a great week + Sunday, stay safe!

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