Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 5-2-2023

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 5-2-2023


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A warm welcome to a new Sunday’s TBR Updates! It is my birthday!! whoooooooo

This week was uneventful, but still a good week! Visited Library #4 on Friday. Baked cake on Friday, the cake was yummy, but most of it didn’t want to leave the pan so that was less fun, but hey still cake! Also baked a Kladdkaka (so good) on Saturday. Still searching for a doggo and hoping that I will find one.. maybe I should just go and save for a puppers… it will take ages though because thanks to Corona they are very expensive.
Reading-wise, a so-so week. Read some really fun things, but also had some DNF. 🙁

What did I read last week from my TBR? DeMensie (interesting/fun, though I had a few small things I wasn’t fan of), Eten spelen slapen in zee (fun), Paper Boat Paper Bird (could be much more but still a pretty read), Welcome to St. Hell (loved this one), One Piece (WHOOOOO), Sweat & Soap #2 (LOVE LOVE), Op de bonnefooi door Frankrijk (love love both the non-fiction and the fiction story), The World’s Worst Assistant (YASSSS).

I tried and dropped (and at least tried a chapter or so)? Get a Life, Chloe Brown (Chloe was so annoying, so snobbish and it just didn’t work for me that it took place in the UK), Hassnae Bouazza book (boring), Leven in de schaduw van Auschwitz (normally I would like these books, but this was just, sorry, boring), Volwassen kinderen (meh), How to Teach Grown-Ups about Pluto (too much whining about adults for me while Pluto was a planet until 2006, which is not that long ago), De ontdekking van Urk (well I didn’t read a whole chapter as I just couldn’t get through that).

Here is a shiny new stack! So excited to read these books~ There will be more books to come on the TBR because my birthday today!

Thank you all for reading! Let me know down in the comments what your plans are or what looks good from my stack! I hope everyone is having a good Sunday + will be having a fantastic week! Enjoy! 💕

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