Waiting on Wednesday ~ So You Wanna Be A Pop Star? by Zachary Sergi

Waiting on Wednesday ~ So You Wanna Be A Pop Star? by Zachary Sergi

Good evening all!

A fluffy and happy welcome to a new Waiting on Wednesday! It is Wednesday! The weekend is coming~

Today I picked a book I had the pleasure of trying to read on Netgalley. However, since the book was in PDF my Kindle didn’t like it, and trying to read itty bitty font on my PC (even with my glasses) is a big fat nope. Not to mention.. this is also a make your own choices and go to that specific page and that also didn’t really work on my PC as the pages don’t always match there. So I put the book on my Need to Buy shelves and I cannot wait for it to come out so I can get it in physical form.

Because what I read? I really enjoyed that. Music, drama, show, and I liked the character we got to see in the beginning. I am curious what kind of goals and choices you can pick, I am delighted to read that there are also choices that can lead to things going wrong. Plus, I like the cover, it just pops!

Now just got to wait until March, and maybe even longer if the hardcover is too expensive.

So You Wanna Be A Pop Star?: A Choices Novel Zachary Sergi, Your Own Adventure, Interactive, Music, Band, Pop, Group, Drama, StardomAn energetic, interactive YA novel about five solo pop artists navigating drama, finding their sound, and discovering what it truly takes to chase their dreams of music stardom after being forced into a pop group together. Everly Brooks knows she has what it takes to be the next big singer-songwriter. At least, that’s if she could get her onstage presence to stop feeling so wooden and blossom like her rich, moving lyrics. The reality signing competition, SO YOU WANNA BE A POP STAR ? is her chance at proving to the world—and herself—that her talent and artistry can mean something more than just live streams and online videos. Vinny Vecchi thought he was heading toward a life full of makeup, wigs, and werking it on the drag stages of NYC. But a powerful diva voice is a precious thing to waste and, in need of money to make his drag dreams come true, SO YOU WANNA BE A POP STAR? is the next best thing. However, surrounded by competitors with clear brands and sharpened musical identities, he wonders if he can break through while still discovering himself. When a group performance on the show goes viral overnight, Everly and Vinny find their careers unexpectedly tied together. Along with their competitors—influencer Dea Seo, pop-punk CeCe Winnifred, and heartthrob Stern Green—these five artists are forced to become the newest pop super group: Jeweltones. You, the reader, get to make choices that will make or break Everly, Vinny, and the group’s meteoric rise in this interactive novel. Will you mend the cracks to help Jeweltones shine bright, or will they burn out under pressure? The choices are yours to make!

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    1. Same here! I had a few adventure/fantasy ones~ Do you know the names of the spooky books? I am always in for more of these books!

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